Signs Your Spouse Should Stop Drinking

Drinking in moderation can be a way to loosen up, relieve stress, and engage in social settings.

However, for thousands of people, drinking in moderation is not an option.

For these people, one or two drinks will never do. Drinking too much can have serious implications for your health, finances, and home life.

For someone who has a spouse who drinks too much, it can sometimes be difficult to know if they have a problem. Here are a few signs to help you identify alcoholism.

Swearing Off

The biggest sign that your spouse has a problem is that they have promised to stop and they meant it.

Often an alcoholic wants to stop drinking. After a consequence occurs, an alcoholic will emerge remorseful.

Once this happens, the alcoholic swears they will never touch the stuff again, and they mean it. But because they are alcoholics, they will repeatedly stop and start drinking over and over.

Blacking Out

Blacking out can lead to prolonged periods where your spouse has no memory of where you were or what you did.

While these blackout periods can be embarrassing, they can also be a serious concern for your spouse’s health.

Blacking out means that your spouse has ingested far too much alcohol at too fast a rate. By doing this they are harming their mind’s ability to create long-term memories.

Blacking out can lead your spouse to do things that they normally would not do. This can include spending money that you both wouldn’t normally spend, damaging property, and even may end up with your spouse in jail.

Medical Issues

There are many medical issues that can be involved with the overconsumption of alcohol.

One common issue is a hangover from drinking too much.

While getting a hangover once in a while does not immediately mean that you have a problem, frequently getting hangovers can be a sign that there is an issue with drinking.

Severe hangovers which include vomiting and headaches the next day can harm the body if they happen on a frequent enough basis.

Another sign that your spouse is drinking too much is the development of delirium tremens.
Delirium tremens, or DTs as they are also referred to, is when your body begins to go through withdrawal from alcohol.

If your spouse is drinking too much, DTs can occur even when they have gone one day without a drink.

Friends and Family Concerns

Family and friends may be the first ones to approach you about your spouse’s drinking.

They may be able to see that your spouse has an issue with alcohol far before you yourself are able to see that your spouse’s behavior is not normal.

If your family or friends do approach you about your spouse’s alcohol consumption it is important to take into consideration what they have to say.

Although it may be easy to ignore their concerns it is a far better idea to listen and work with your family or friends to see if there is a way to talk to your spouse. Family and friends will often be willing to help you with whatever you need to get you and your spouse better.

Covering Up Your Spouse’s Drinking

Another common sign is covering up your spouse’s drinking.

You might miss a social event or not let friends or family come to your house because of your spouse’s drinking.

You also might lie for them to help them stay out of trouble with their boss.

The flip side is that when your spouse finally says that they want to quit drinking, you believe them and are confused when they start drinking again.

If you think your spouse needs help, then call our admissions team. We can help you find an interventionist or help you with talking to your spouse.



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