Who we are

The vision for a place of healing and transformation was forged by founder David Elliott when Burning Tree Ranch opened in 1999. The Ranch was designed specifically for the chronic relapser and is a true long-term recovery program. After 20 years of successfully helping scores of individuals find freedom from addiction, David saw a considerable need emerge for a short-term program that was as effective. This realization gave birth to the Renewal Lodge.

The Renewal Lodge by Burning Tree is a 30 to 60-day residential program treating substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Renewal Lodge utilizes an integrated treatment approach combining evidenced-based mindfulness skills and 12 step modalities. Our staff are trained professionals passionate about treating individuals and families suffering from the consequences of addiction.

The typical client entering Renewal Lodge is new to treatment or has experienced multiple relapses following completion of more conventional 12 step residential treatment programs. Through our mission of love, service, and excellence, we push clients to see their true potential by smashing the old idea that recovery is not attainable. This is your call to experience freedom in recovery.

The curriculum used at the Renewal Lodge is a fusion between the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and a 12 step mindfulness-based focus. Recovery-based lectures, process groups, and individual treatment plans integrate both 12 step and mindfulness-based objectives. Meditation is an integral part of recovery, and clients are closely guided in developing their own meditation practice while in our care.

Each client will be assigned an individual counselor, with whom they will meet weekly. Renewal Lodge is co-ed, but gender-specific process groups are offered six days a week. Staff facilitated educational lectures teach critical behavioral coping skills, which help clients process and regulate emotions on a daily basis. Trauma-informed therapy and grief are also available for clients that are therapeutically appropriate and prepared to begin work in these areas.

Impact of Addiction and the Healing Process:

Addiction is a pervasive medical condition which affects the lives of everyone who encounters it. No segment of life’s fabric is left untouched, bringing with it confusion, hopelessness, and a deep yearning for a better life. People afflicted with a substance use disorder, including their family, suffer in all areas of the human experience: body, mind, and spirit. Renewal Lodge is a refuge for these individuals and serves to help a person get sober and, even more importantly, experience a life fully transformed by awareness, joy, and fulfillment.