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Our Promise: Deliver life-changing clinical interventions to those who have been unable to find freedom from the unending cycle of relapse.

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Admissions: Embarking on a Journey of Permanent Recovery with Burning Tree Ranch

A Long-Term Treatment Program Designed for Chronic Relapsers

The Burning Tree Ranch program is designed to help the chronic relapser overcome addiction, establish a healthy and productive life, and achieve permanent freedom from relapse.

We have helped families recover from the disease of addiction and chronic relapse since 1999.

With more than 25 years of experience as a long-term treatment provider, we are the foremost experts in treating chronic relapse. Our entire program from residence to aftercare is designed to offer the appropriate amount of time to identify, treat, and recover from chronic addiction in a dual-diagnosis setting.

Our Commitment: Delivering Life-Changing Clinical Interventions

At Burning Tree Ranch, we promise to deliver life-changing clinical interventions to those who have been unable to find freedom from the unending cycle of relapse.

The work we do is complex and time-consuming. It is also lasting.

We ask our families to trust us, to take our hand, and to allow us to guide them away from the path they’ve been traveling for years.

Olivia Wilder

“We are here to help you and your family transition from a place of worry to hope. We want to help you find the best path forward and reduce as much stress as possible during this difficult time.”

Olivia Wilder, Admissions Director

Brook McKenzie, COO

“As an alumnus of Burning Tree Ranch, my goal is to support our team in delivering the same quality of treatment that me and my family received when I was a client.”

Brook McKenzie, LCDC, COO

What Families Can Expect: Support, Involvement, and Transformation

Addiction is proven to wreak havoc upon families emotionally, financially, and physically. In many cases, it destroys families entirely.

The Burning Tree Ranch program actively involves families in the treatment process, recognizing the crucial role they play in their loved one’s recovery.

Throughout treatment, we invite families to develop a deeper relationship with honesty, exploring the impact of addiction on their lives and preparing for the uncomfortable but necessary process of doing things differently.

What Clients Can Expect: A Comprehensive, Individualized Approach

For our clients and alumni, recovery is about more than simply abstaining from drugs or alcohol; it’s about achieving a sense of fulfillment, improving mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and developing a solid foundation for lifelong sobriety.

We believe that recovery is possible no matter how many previous attempts our clients have made at becoming sober.

Meghan Bohlman, Clinical Director

“We understand the relationship between substance abuse and mental health. More than anything else, we understand the chronic relapser. As your loved one moves through our progress-based program, our goal is to help them become a self-supporting, emotionally balanced, and sober individual.”

Meghan Bohlman, LPC, LCDC, Clinical Director

Our Greatest Asset: Allowing for the Time Needed to Address Chronic Addiction

Short-term programs generally follow a predetermined timeline for treatment episodes. Burning Tree recognizes that every individual’s path to recovery is unique. We track progress – not days – as our client’s journey through a clinical curriculum designed to aid the chronic relapser in achieving a life of excellence beyond sobriety.

Our sophisticated team of addiction and mental health experts evaluate, monitor, and carefully diagnose each client so that the appropriate treatment plans can be determined.

Utilizing addiction medicine, evidence-based practices, and twelve step immersion, Burning Tree incorporates progress-based metrics to inform the treatment team of client’s progress towards important therapeutic milestones.

Jesse Earwood, Executive Director

“We’ve been helping families with chronic relapse since 1999. We do what other programs don’t, we provide meaningful, lifelong solutions that transform the individual and family, permanently.”

Jesse Earwood, Executive Director

Why Hasn't Short Term Treatment Worked?

Chronic relapsers are individuals who have experienced significant, life-altering consequences because of addiction, yet continue to use.

Typically, this person has experienced multiple previous treatment episodes that have failed to successfully address their needs. They were either too short, too unstructured, or too unqualified to address the circumstantial and underlying conditions that promote relapse.

By design, short-term programs often follow a predetermined one-size-fits-all approach. These fail to account for the unique needs of each individual. While short-term treatment is effective for some, advanced cases of chronic addiction usually have complex circumstances or underlying co-occuring mental health conditions that necessitate more comprehensive treatment and personalized care.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Burning Tree

As a progress-based treatment center, Burning Tree Ranch measures clinical benchmarks, not calendar days. If the patient has not reached the expected therapeutic milestones, treatment completion becomes an open-ended process, and the patient does not move forward until ready.

Burning Tree Ranch is designed exclusively for the chronic relapser. Clients must have attended at least one former treatment episode to qualify for Burning Tree Ranch.


Dual Diagnosis means more than one diagnosis. All Burning Tree Ranch clients will be evaluated, assessed, and treated for co-occurring mental health disorders as well as addiction. That said, addiction is the primary ailment of the Burning Tree Ranch client.

Burning Tree Ranch treats chronic addiction and treatment-resistant clients that have failed to achieve permanent sobriety in former, shorter-term treatment settings.
The vast majority of Burning Tree Ranch clients are referred to us by the professional community. In most cases, these organizations and private professionals have direct experience working with Burning Tree Ranch on cases where chronic relapse is concerned.
Burning Tree Ranch has been serving the needs of the chronic relapser since 1999.
Burning Tree Ranch does not accept insurance. The Ranch is an affordable private pay solution for the chronic relapser and their family.

Burning Tree Ranch is a non-smoking, tobacco and nicotine-free facility. Medically prescribed nicotine cessation is provided.

There are no electronics permitted at Burning Tree Ranch, including cell phones, laptops or any other devices that may connect to the internet.

Yes. Burning Tree Ranch clients will regularly see our psychiatrist on an as-needed basis. Addiction Medicine is an important part of the treatment plan at Burning Tree Ranch.

Burning Tree Ranch is the only authentic, long-term chronic relapse program in the nation. We are different because we track progress, not time.

How Do I Know If My Loved One is a Fit for Burning Tree Ranch?

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