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Our Promise: Deliver life-changing clinical interventions to those who have been unable to find freedom from the unending cycle of relapse.

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Explore the Ranch: An Introduction to Burning Tree

Creating a Life of Excellence Beyond Sobriety

Burning Tree is the Nation’s only authentic long-term treatment provider specializing in the treatment of chronic relapse.

We address life and death matters as they relate to chronic addiction and mental health.

Burning Tree Ranch At a Glance

What Does it Mean to Undergo Long-Term Treatment?

Accountability helps our clients achieve their full potential. Watch our Introduction to Burning Tree video to learn more about our mission.

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Videos From Our Leadership & Treatment Team

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Burning Tree Different from Other Treatment Programs?

Our families, like our clients, come to us broken. Having endured years of agony at the hands of a constant, unyielding addiction, Burning Tree Families are ready for something different.

They are ready for Burning Tree!

Photo Gallery: Exploring Burning Tree Ranch Through Photos

Burning Tree Ranch is a highly sophisticated, progress-based long-term residential treatment and aftercare program located in North Texas on a beautiful, 2,000-acre ranch.

Long-Term Dual Diagnosis Treatment for the Chronic Relapser

Who Is a Burning Tree Client?

The Good

(Actually Not So Good...)

One tell-tale sign of a chronic relapser is their high IQ. However, as their addiction develops, intelligence becomes their greatest liability.

The Bad

(It Sure Feels Bad...)

The chronic relapser acts as an emotional vampire. They create confusion over harmony while simultaneously sucking the life out of their loved ones.

The Ugly

(Not Always So Ugly...)

Chronic relapsers are incredibly lovable and are experts at using charm to avoid consequences. They have done it for years and it has always worked.

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Quick Identifiers

The Burning Tree Client

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Behavioral Traits

The Chronic Relapser

Burning Tree Families often describe these behaviors as perplexing and, at times, deeply frustrating. Yet, the overriding sentiment revolves around the pain they cause.

Highly Rated and Reviewed

Stories of Healing: Testimonials from Alumni and Families

We know the Burning Tree program is effective for difficult, advanced cases of addiction. We also know what we’re asking families to undertake is far from simple or easy.

The transformative results of the Burning Tree experience are best illustrated through the stories of our families who have undergone the journey firsthand.

Our Multidisciplinary Team: Comprehensive Expertise for Comprehensive Care

Burning Tree’s clinical and psychiatric team is trained to treat a variety of dual-diagnosis conditions that extend beyond addiction. Utilizing a host of evidence-based therapies, our primary focus is to help generate measurable improvements in our client’s emotional, mental, and behavioral well-being, thus dramatically reducing the risk of relapse.

Our delivery of world-class clinical interventions relies on an advanced clinical curriculum, evidence-based therapies, and in-depth trauma work designed to help free individuals from the cycle of chronic relapse.

Burning Tree is a World-Renown Organization

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