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Find Deeper Healing from an Ethical Treatment Center. Receive Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Addiction at One of our Three Programs.

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Since 1999…

We’ve been treating the chronic relapser and their families. With 3 programs, we treat substance use disorder and underlying mental health issues addicts and alcoholics often face.

Burning Tree Ranch

Authentic Long-Term Treatment:

Our program is one of the only long-term inpatient rehabs in the country that has stayed true to long-term care since 1999.

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Burning Tree West

Young Adult Recovery Programs:

West provides a recovery community that lets young adults focus on college or work while transitioning back into society after treatment.

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Renewal Lodge

Mindfulness & the 12 Steps:

Renewal Lodge is the nation’s leading center For Mindfulness & 12 Step Addiction Treatment.

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About our Response to COVID 19

We value the health and safety of your loved one. We are taking every precaution to ensure that we are doing our part to stop the spread. This includes but is not limited to requiring staff to wear masks, constant cleaning of facilities, frequent temperature checks, continuous staff and client testing. Please call our admission line if you would like more information about our specific covid protocols.

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Recovery is Personal

Recovery is transformational and personal. The right treatment center will give you a place to heal and make sure your loved one is safe. Let a family-run business that cares about your success help you and your family recover from addiction. We are family-owned and have been helping people recover from substance use disorder and alcoholism since 1999. Burning Tree Programs focuses on a 12-Step program as its core treatment philosophy.

Treating Addiction and Mental Health Issues

At Burning Tree, mental health and addiction are not treated separately. Instead, no stone is left unturned, and we ensure all factors of mental health and addiction are addressed through an integrated approach.
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Relapse Prevention & Treatment

The hallmark of Burning Tree’s approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is our focus on not only treating addiction but also preventing a relapse into the old patterns of addiction.
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We Help the Family Heal During Treatment

The involvement of family during residential treatment and the recovery process is crucial to the success of rehabilitation. Addiction scars not just the addict, but the members of his or her family as well.
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Why Burning Tree Programs is Different

12 Step Programs

Our residential treatment program focuses on clinical treatment of the chronic relapser and is centered in spiritual 12-Step recovery, developing accountability and integrity, and enhancing the road to recovery.

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Strong Family Program

Our credentialed, multidisciplinary clinicians and seasoned professionals are committed to delivering the most effective drug and alcohol treatment available to you and your family.

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Long-Term Treatment

Alcoholism is a chronic disease and it lasts a lifetime. Together, we treat your alcoholism, and through accountability and structure we teach you how to achieve life beyond sobriety.

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Who We Treat

We offer specialized programs designed to give you the treatment that is best suited for you now. We work on trauma, we teach mindfulness and help the chronic relapser. All of it is based on the 12 Steps.

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Relapse Prevention

Our clinical team knows chemical dependency is a disease, and understands that when you leave treatment you need a plan to prevent relapse. A solid foundation of treatment with a robust prevention plan gives you the best chance at success.

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Family Owned Rehab Facilities

Our specialized programs provide the clinical treatment to live a life of excellence beyond sobriety. We focus on the 12 steps coupled with a unique approach to clinical care. Learn about our facilities.

Our Facilities

Increase the Chance of Success With A Long-Term Treatment

  • Addiction and alcoholism are chronic diseases, it takes more than just detox or short-term treatment to heal your ailments.
  • We have options for long-term treatment, extended care, and we give you the best plan to continue treatment when you leave a Burning Tree Programs treatment center.
  • Longer-term treatment is the therapeutic program most likely to bring about a life of sobriety and improved health.

Through our unique inpatient, extended care and drug rehab, and alcoholism treatment programs, Burning Tree Programs believes that alcoholics and addicts can learn to live a Life of Excellence Beyond Sobriety filled with self-respect, sincerity, and responsibility.

Our curriculum is an innovative holistic treatment based on spiritual principles that treat the mind, body, and spirit, and utilizes proven medical and mental health interventions.

Methods of Treatment

Why Choose Long-Term Addiction Treatment

Our authentic long-term addiction treatment program at Burning Tree facilities centers on the individual client and helping him or her achieve permanent sobriety. In addition to our insistence on the 12-Step programs which promote personal responsibility, we address the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of our clients. A complete approach such as this ensures that all contributing factors are understood and addressed. But perhaps most important is the fact that our long term inpatient substance abuse treatment center has no set discharge time. Our clients are encouraged to stay in treatment until they are ready to be integrated back into the community. Unlike other rehab programs that terminate after thirty, sixty, or ninety days, Burning Tree carefully observes our client’s behavior to make sure the client is ready to be transitioned. Because of this approach, we are confident that a relapse is highly unlikely.

Burning Tree’s Texas Inpatient Rehab Centers

Burning Tree Programs is located just on the outskirts of three major metropolitan areas. Burning Tree Ranch sits just outside of Dallas, TX, Burning Tree West is centered in Tucson, AZ, and Renewal Lodge is located outside of Austin, TX.

This has proven to be vital in the success of our clients when transitioning out of our long term program. The location of our inpatient dual diagnosis rehab and addiction treatment center allows our clients to get jobs, go to college or do both while continuing their recovery in those communities.

Some of our clients also like to return to their respective communities and homes after completing our drug rehab center in Texas. We provide an in-depth continuum of rehabilitation care and assist in the transition for those who return home. Through the completion of Burning Tree’s residential rehabilitation program, each client will be equipped with a solution that will continue to transform their new life in recovery.

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