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Increase the Chance of Success with a Long Term Program

Learning to enjoy life without substance use, and learning to develop true and healthy relationships is possible, but often times requires more than just detox or even short-term treatment. Statistically, longer term treatment is the most likely therapeutic program to bring about a life of sobriety and improved health. Long term drug rehab increases the chances of success because the values, skill sets, and lifestyle necessary for living sober requires time to develop. The ultimate goal is for the client to take these values, skill sets, and lifestyle with him or her when making the transition back into normal living.

Through its unique inpatient drug rehab and alcoholism treatment plan, Burning Tree staff believe that alcoholics and addicts can learn to live a Life of Excellence Beyond Sobriety filled with self-respect, sincerity, and responsibility. Our curriculum is an innovative holistic treatment based on spiritual principles that treat the mind, body and spirit as well as utilizing proven medical and mental health interventions.

Definition of Long Term Rehab: The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines long term treatment as 6-12+ months. Click to read more…

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Drug Treatment

Chronic Relapse Prevention and Treatment

The hallmark of Burning Tree’s approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is its focus on not only treating addiction, but also preventing a relapse into the old patterns of addiction. Principally this is because an addiction therapy program is only as good as how long the individual remains sober. At Burning Tree, we believe that rediscovering a lost sense of accountability, of responsibility, and of consistency in the daily lives of our clients leads to a realization of the essence of their addiction and establishes a lifestyle for living that will not erode over time. Burning Tree focuses on the 12-Step program. It is at the core of its treatment philosophy, and provides the basis for its continuing success. We take great satisfaction in being able to provide a treatment center that is evidence that the cycle of the Chronic Relapse can be broken.

Approach to Dual Diagnosis

At Burning Tree, Mental Health and Addiction are not treated separately. Rather, all possible elements and factors are addressed through an integrated approach that acknowledges that each has a simultaneous impact on the other. Sequential approaches are much more limited in effectiveness because, of necessity, the order of Rehabilitation diminishes the importance of the other. The Co-Occurring approach has produced highly successful results as demonstrated by low relapse percentages. By combining traditional forms of therapy with spiritual, holistic, and experiential therapies, a complete treatment approach has been created that helps the addict reclaim an existence not simply free of addiction, but that creates a complete individual.

Importance of Family Involvement During Treatment

The involvement of family during residential treatment and the recovery process is crucial to the success of rehabilitation. Addict scars not just the addiction, but the members of his or her family as well. The fabric of the family unit is eroded and a concerted, guided, effort from all is necessary for rebuilding. Because addiction recovery is unfamiliar and confusing to family members, our family program is designed to help family members understand the nature of addiction, see how it has impacted them individually and collectively, and how to address the problems that have insinuated themselves into interfamilial relationships. These are vital to a complete recovery for all members during the primary period of rehabilitation. We do this by first suggesting the each family member get involved in the 12-steps through Al-anon. We follow that up with workshops designed just for the families and a week long family program to continue the ongoing healing process.

More About Our Texas Inpatient Rehab Centers

Burning Tree is just on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas like Dallas and Austin.

This has proven to be vital in the success of our clients when transitioning out of our long term program. The location of our inpatient dual diagnosis rehab and addiction treatment center allows our clients to get jobs, go to college or do both while continuing their recovery in those communities. Some of our clients also like to return to their respective communities and homes after completing our drug rehab center in Texas. We provide an in-depth continuum of rehabilitation care and assist in the transition for those who return home. Through the completion of Burning Tree’s residential rehabilitation program each client will be equipped with a solution that will continue to transform their new life in recovery.

Creating a Life of Excellence Beyond Sobriety™

Why Choose Long Term Addiction Treatment

The authentic long term addiction treatment program at the Burning Tree facilities centers on the individual client and helping him or her achieve permanent sobriety. In addition to our insistence on the 12-Step programs which promote personal responsibility, we address the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of our clients. A complete approach such as this ensures that all contributing factors are understood and addressed. But perhaps most important is the fact that our long term inpatient substance abuse treatment center has no set discharge time. Our clients are not released from treatment until they are ready to be integrated back into the community. Unlike other rehab programs that terminate after thirty, sixty, or ninety days, Burning Tree carefully observes its clients behavior to make sure the client is ready to be transitioned. Because of this approach, we are confident that a relapse is highly unlikely.


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