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Our Promise: Deliver life-changing clinical interventions to those who have been unable to find freedom from the unending cycle of relapse.

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Resources & Articles For Families Navigating Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

This page serves as a comprehensive guide for families grappling with the complexities of addiction and mental health issues. It offers a wealth of information, including expert articles, personal stories, treatment options, and coping strategies. Designed to support and educate, this resource aims to empower families with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the challenging journey toward recovery and well-being.

A Letter for Families From Our Clinical Director Meghan Bohlman

Dear Families, I often meet you after the whirlwind that ends with your loved one arriving at Burning Tree Ranch. I meet you in the space between relief that your loved one made it into long term treatment and fear that they won’t stay long enough to accept the help being offered. It is in this space that our treatment team will begin construction of something new with you.

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Why Didn’t the 12-Step Program Work for You?

I’ve spent many years working with families in addiction, and have heard this question countless times: “Why didn’t the 12 steps work for me?” It’s a common refrain, especially from those who’ve struggled with chronic relapse and have already attended multiple rehab programs.

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A Letter for Families from Lisa M., Mother of an Alumnus

Dear Families, When I started this letter for Burning Tree families I thought about what I would have wanted to hear when I was at the point you are at now. What words of wisdom could someone give me? It wasn’t more addiction horror stories; you’ve experienced that firsthand.

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