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Our Promise: Deliver life-changing clinical interventions to those who have been unable to find freedom from the unending cycle of relapse.

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What Clients Can Expect from Long-Term Treatment at Burning Tree Ranch

Burning Tree Ranch’s goal is to create a life of excellence beyond sobriety for our clients and their families. Many people who suffer from addiction think that not drinking and not using is the end goal… It’s not!

What to Expect for Cients of Long Term Addiction Treatment

The main goal at Burning Tree Ranch is to help our clients achieve fulfillment, improve mental, emotional and spiritual health, and develop a permanent platform for lifelong recovery.

Our clients are afforded the time and space to address the issues that may have blocked them from the life they deserve.

As a Burning Tree Ranch client, you can expect an opportunity to create a life of excellence beyond sobriety.

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They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.
~ Confucius

Progressed-Based Treatment

Treatment at Burning Tree Ranch is based on an individual’s progress.

The treatment team meets daily to determine how each client is engaging in the program.

A client’s behavior, along with their clinical and therapeutic progress are what determines a client’s length of stay.

We have found that someone who has engaged in multiple previous treatment episodes deserves the time and space they need to properly address their addiction, and any underlying mental health issues.

Clients who completely surrender themselves to the Burning Tree Ranch process can expect to undergo life-altering improvements in all areas of their lives: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As they progress through therapeutic milestones, advance in twelve step work, and address the underlying root cause of addiction, our clients discover the freedom, hope, and inspiration they need to create a life of excellence beyond sobriety.

"As an alumnus of Burning Tree Ranch myself, I want to welcome you on your journey to freedom. The life that awaits you is worth the work we will ask you to do."

Brook McKenzie, LCDC
Chief Operating Officer

Specialty Treatment at Burning Tree Ranch

People who suffer from chronic relapse often find themselves entering into 30-day treatment programs time and time again. This is because their problems cannot be meaningfully addressed in shorter-term, 30-day treatment episodes.

Our clients can expect that we care deeply about their opportunity to finally have their needs met fully and compassionately.

We utilize honesty, authenticity, and structure to inform the treatment process at Burning Tree Ranch. Many of our clients develop life-time bonds with the people they complete treatment with, adding to the richness and reward of a recovered lifestyle.

A Burning Tree Ranch client can expect to undergo significant development as a result of the work we do here.

All they have to do is remain willing.


Olivia Wilder of Burning Tree Programs On How To Achieve Great Success After Recovering From An Addiction

An Interview With Penny Bauder

When people are trapped in a severe addiction it can feel like there is no way out and there is no hope for a better future. This is of course not true. Millions of people are in recovery from an addiction and they go on to lead successful, fulfilling and inspiring lives.

Authority Magazine started a new series about women who were able to achieve great success after recovering from an addiction. The premise of the series is to offer hope and inspiration to people who feel trapped in similar circumstances.

As a part of this series we had the pleasure to interview Olivia Wilder. Olivia Wilder serves as Director of Admissions for Burning Tree Programs, and is responsible for helping execute the organization’s vision of excellence, Olivia leads a talented team of admissions specialists dedicated to Burning Tree’s philosophy of “creating a life of excellence beyond sobriety.”

Olivia serves as the chief clinical liaison between families/clients and the executive & clinical director of each of Burning Tree’s 3 programs. Not only is she a leader within the Burning Tree organization, she has been sober since 2014 and is a proud alumna of Burning Tree Ranch. Trained in multiple intervention disciplines, Olivia utilizes mindfulness, DBT skills, and a solutions-focused approach to help achieve dynamic results on behalf of the...



Hear first hand how Burning Tree Ranch helped Caroline overcome alcoholism.

Dear Families,

My name is Caroline, and I am a recovering alcoholic. My sobriety date is May 21, 2015. Here is my story:

Before Burning Tree, I attended several different 30-day treatment centers, only to relapse shortly after I was discharged. I was living in Dallas and had been asked to leave my fourth sober living home due to my repeated relapses. My house manager in sober living would breathalyze me and the other residents, then I would sneak upstairs to my room and chug the alcohol I had smuggled in before blacking out. This happened every night for a while before I was “caught.” In May of 2015, I ended up homeless and drinking myself to death. I had several ER trips due to alcohol poisoning.

Multiple doctors told me that I should not be alive, and at this point I started to believe them - but could not stop drinking. My days centered around how I was going to get my alcohol, and how fast I could get black out drunk in hopes of temporarily forgetting where my life had come to. My alcohol and Adderall addiction left my life completely empty, meaningless, and to the point where I honestly did not want to live anymore. Lies spewed out of my mouth constantly,
and at this point I convinced myself my lies were the truth. The delusion and desperate state of my addiction led to a dark version of myself I did not even recognize anymore. My parents, sisters and all family members and friends had completely cut me out of their life by the time I was 26 years old. I needed to change something in order to live.

I arrived at Burning Tree desperate for a better, different way to live. The life I was living was no life at all, I just could not grasp how I would ever live without alcohol. Fast forward 6 months while I was at the Ranch, and I can still clearly recall the day I realized I had not thought about alcohol. I was working the twelve steps, seeking to mend my relationships, and tried to take baby steps forward in the right direction. Let me be clear, I struggled hard throughout my time at Burning Tree. I was blessed with numerous therapeutic interventions, and close to being asked to leave more than once. But the treatment team had enough grace - and a glimpse of my willingness - to allow me to stay. After completing inpatient treatment at Burning Tree, I entered their women’s sober living home and aftercare program in Dallas.

Today, I am proud to say that I successfully completed all phases of treatment at Burning Tree and graduated in August of 2016. I am so thankful to the Burning Tree staff and my peers for their love towards me. I honestly believe it is a huge reason I was successful in getting and staying sober. There is no doubt that it is exactly what I needed at the time. It allowed me the space and time to heal, recover, and become the woman I am today. As of this letter, I am over six years sober and try to tell my story every chance I get. In 2019, I got married to my best friend who is also in recovery with multiple years sober. In 2020, we welcomed our baby girl Emma who is now 18 months old. We are currently pregnant with baby #2 on the way. My relationship with my parents and family has been totally transformed. I live a few miles from them and get to be the daughter I always wanted to be. I am true to my word and can honestly say my family trusts me 100% today. The start of the healing process began with my amends to my family while I was inpatient, and the family program process was hugely
helpful. I say all this to try to portray a small glimpse of the abundant blessings in my life since I got sober.

Pre-Burning Tree truly feels like a different lifetime ago but getting to share my story and help others keeps me grounded. In sobriety I have faced some tough circumstances, loss, and many difficult circumstances. Fortunately, the tools I was provided at Burning Tree have equipped me to face anything in life. Forever thankful for Burning Tree and my sobriety.

Caroline D.

Advanced Treatment Plans

Clinical teams at shorter-term facilities must quickly diagnose their clients and rely on previous medical records to determine the best course of action for treatment.

This rarely produces a sustainable outcome for the chronic relapser. 

In contrast, our treatment team focuses on the unique needs of the chronic relapser. We possess the expertise, knowledge, and passion to finally discover what may have interfered with past treatment attempts.

We utilize advanced forms of evaluation and assessment to help us accurately diagnose our clients and identify needs that may have previously gone untreated. 

With a proper diagnosis, clients receive a personalized treatment plan that is unique to them and the issues they are faced with as individuals.

Integrating addiction medicine, evidence-based therapies, and twelves step immersion, our program offerings highlight the hope we share for the chronically addicted person who has not been able to achieve the sobriety they crave.

Our Focus on Life Skills

By prioritizing life skills, we help our clients discover an emotionally balanced center that allows for a deeper experience with self-awareness, thinking skills, interpersonal skills. (see circle graph)

Burning Tree Ranch maintains a strong focus on life skills so that our clients can enjoy a life of usefulness, wonder, and joy.

We believe that recovery is possible no matter how many previous attempts our clients have made at becoming sober.

As a specialty program focused on the treatment of chronic relapsers, we welcome every challenge as an opportunity, and every victory as a testament to the hope we hold for those previously unable to recover.

More than anything else, we seek to help our clients create a life of excellence beyond sobriety.
1. Self-Awareness

1. Self-Awareness:
Coming to know oneself deeply and intimately. This life skill helps our clients to grow in the understanding of their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

2. Thinking Skills

2. Thinking Skills
Learning to make effective decisions that promote personal growth. This skill set allows our clients to better connect their decisions and belief system with the probable consequence or benefit.

3. Interpersonal Skills

3. Interpersonal Skills
Coming to know others deeply and intimately. This life skill helps our clients learn how to manifest respectful, healthy relationships with the use of assertive, bond-building forms of communication.

More About Burning Tree Ranch

Burning Tree Ranch is a highly sophisticated, progress-based residential treatment and aftercare program located outside of Dallas, TX, on a beautiful, 2,000-acre ranch.

The program incorporates an advanced clinical curriculum that relies on evidence-based practices, addiction medicine, and twelve step immersion to help our clients make full and lasting recoveries.

With a special emphasis on treating the chronic relapser, our program is designed to measure the progress of the individual, not the progress of the calendar.

Once our clients complete the residential inpatient portion of the Burning Tree Ranch program, they transition to the extended aftercare component of our curriculum.

As our clients graduate the full continuum of care at Burning Tree Ranch they become welcomed into our Alumni program, which includes a lifetime membership.

At program completion our clients are fully self-supporting, firmly established in their sobriety, and well on their way to mending the important relationships that mean so much to them.

This is what we mean by creating a life of excellence beyond sobriety.