Russell Brand Alcoholic Addict

The Recovery of Russell Brand

There’s nothing mundane about Russell Brand. The British entertainer does everything in a big, eccentric way as part of his larger-than-life style. Not satisfied with a singular focus, he moves between comedy, TV hosting gigs, film roles, voice acting, singing and writing. As if that wasn’t enough, his marriage to American pop sensation Katy Perry, whom he met on the set of GET HIM TO THE GREEK, brought him even more worldwide attention.

The same appetite for self-expression that has helped Russell Brand rise to the level of cultural icon may be matched only by his appetite for self-gratification. Long before his hosting gig at the 2008 MTV Music Video awards introduced him to American audiences—five years after becoming a household name in the UK—addictions nearly destroyed Brand’s chances at stardom. Then, after overcoming his first addictions, a new one would threaten to extinguish his rising star.

Russell Brand Struggles with Alcoholism & Addiction

Unlike other celebrities whose drug or alcohol battles followed fame, Russell Brand’s trouble began as a teenager in the midst of his mother’s cancer diagnoses. Her use of recreational drugs, such as LSD,  may have influenced her young son. His abuse of alcohol and later heroin were especially notable—but not isolated problems. They came on the heels of other struggles, from binge eating and bulimia to depression and a period of self-harm.

Brand has openly said that after his first time taking drugs, he used them daily for 11 years. He has described heroin in particular as a “beautiful sanctuary.” Yet the drug use may have been a key part of controversial behavior, like dressing up as Osama bin Laden after 9/11, that led to firings by MTV and Xfm radio.

Russell Brand Begins Addiction Recovery

In 2003, as his wild antics in BIG BROTHER’S BIG MOUTH entertained UK audiences, Brand was at the beginning of clean and sober period that continues today. He credits his manager for sending him to Focus 12, a UK charity specializing in treatment for alcohol and substance abuse. Following a difficult but successful rehabilitation period, he began going to AA and NA to continue to avoid returning to his earlier addictions. Also, Brand has publicly praised Transcendental Meditation for its ability to keep him focused on staying drug and alcohol free.

Russell Brand Tames Sex Addiction

In 2005, addictive behavior once again threatened Brand. This time it was a sexual addiction which sent him to a treatment center in the U.S. In his autobiography, My Booky Wooky, opened up about his losing his virginity to a prostitute in Hong Kong while he was traveling with his father. In the midst of regular one night stands, casual encounters and use of a “sex team” to find women for Brand to sleep with, his manager once again intervened. 30 days at KeyStone Center in Philadelphia put Brand on a path to healthier sexual relationships and monogamy before he met and married Katy Perry.

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