Excuses Addicts Use When Using

Addicts use all sorts of excuses to “justify” the way they use.

If you dissect their excuses, you will quickly find a delusion underneath their justification.

Alcoholics use many excuses to cover their tracks to continue to go on their bender or get out of trouble. However, as mentioned, these excuses usually are full-fledged or borderline delusional thinking.

Excuses can be potentially dangerous because they are not based on reality.

Honesty and people with substance use disorder are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Here’s Why Addicts Have Delusional Thinking

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states people who are alcoholics cannot differentiate the true from the false. They cannot tell at a certain point what is normal. They think their alcoholic or addicted lives are how normal people live.

The consequences that happen during an alcoholic spree or drug-induced bender have no ability to keep the person sober. Actually, as the book states, alcoholics and addicts will push the memory or humiliation of the last drink away, and it will have no power for them to stay stopped.

Will power is virtually nonexistent with true alcoholics and addicts. That is because the alcoholic has a body that reacts to alcohol differently than a normal person. The reaction is much like a physical allergy. For example, the symptoms of being allergic to a bee sting can be Itching, hives, or swelling.

Being psychically allergic to alcohol or drugs can cause the body to crave more. However, the main problem is in the mind, because for whatever reason, even for the alcoholic who is physically clear of alcohol, they will want more alcohol and drugs. And despite the consequences that made them stop — relationship problems, career problems, jail, or homelessness — the alcoholic will tell themselves it will be different the next time they can drink.

Types of Common Excuses to Drink

The types of excuses alcoholics and addicts use to drink or use is so many and different, it’s difficult to list all of them. Some excuses include:

  • Because it feels good.
  • Because they are sad.
  • Because they are happy.
  • Because they feel like they deserve a drink.
  • Feeling courageous
  • Because it is fun.
  • Because they feel better.
  • Because they don’t care.
  • Because they think it will be different the next time.

However, comparing the excuses addicts use to do drugs doesn’t line up with the consequences it has created. Some consequences include:

  • Divorce
  • Jail
  • DWIs
  • Overdoses
  • Unemployment
  • Homelessness

If these consequences continue to happen, and going on a spree continues to cause these things in alcohol, do these excuses really add up? Is it really fun? Is it really going to make the alcoholic feel less sad? Do they really deserve a drink?

The answers are obviously known.

And if you are to ask an addict or alcoholic why they started using or drinking again, they will go through several excuses. Sometimes they will defend themselves.

But a few times, as the Big Book states, they will tell the truth. They have no more reason why they took the first drink than you do.

They are just as baffled.

So the excuses are really signs of delusional thinking.

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