Drug Rehabs that Work with Court

Substance Abuse and Crime

Drug and alcohol rehabs that work with the court play an important role in the criminal justice system as over sixty percent of all individuals admitted into a treatment program have a history of some type of criminal activity associated with their addiction issues.  Research clearly indicates that individuals who participate in a drug and alcohol rehab program have a much lower rate of recidivism, whereas individuals that have served out a prison or jail sentence are at a much higher risk of recidivism and relapse.

Judges often sentence nonviolent offenders with DUI-Driving Under the Influence, DWI-Driving While Intoxicated, or DUID-Driving Under the Influence of Drugs convictions to court-ordered treatment instead of or in addition to serving a jail or prison sentence.  Court-ordered programs may be from twenty-eight days to over a year in duration.  The purpose of the sentencing is to break the pattern of drug use, criminal activity, and arrest that so often becomes a self-perpetuating road to destruction.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Drug and alcohol treatment centers offer individualized treatment plans that may target specific types and phases of addiction.  Long-term residential treatment centers are reportedly the most comprehensive and have the highest recovery rate.  Certified detoxification clinics are not designed for long-term recovery treatment, but serve primarily to help the addict get safely beyond a withdrawal crisis so they can be transferred to a more comfortable situation in a residential program.

Residential Treatment Center

Residential treatment can be anywhere from two weeks to over one year.  In general, most residential programs average twenty-eight to thirty days.  Research suggests, however, that more severe addictions (e.g., cocaine) require greater time for recovery.  Most experts agree that a reliable residential treatment program actively incorporates the principles of the Twelve Step Program and includes a follow-up program to help addicts walk out their recovery beyond the walls of the rehab center.

Outpatient Treatment Options

Outpatient options are sometimes made available and include court-ordered educational programs with private and group therapy.  These plans are tightly structured, supervised, and must be successfully completed in conjunction with or in place of serving out a jail or prison sentence.

Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Rehabs

Fulfilling court-ordered rehab does not diminish the importance of receiving drug and alcohol treatment.  Time plays a critical role in determining how successful a rehab experience will be.  As long as the addict is carefully supervised to ensure safety at all times, the benefits outweigh the pitfalls.  Court-ordered treatment has been shown to reduce recidivism and promote lifestyles of sobriety.

Learning to live a life of sobriety is exactly that, a learning process.  People of all ages need time to initially go through what may be severe withdrawals before they can absorb more information about addiction and relapse prevention.  The success or failure of drug and alcohol treatment does not fall squarely on the shoulders of the addict, but instead on the appropriateness of the facility chosen, the match between treatment provided and treatment needed by the individual, length of stay, and level of family involvement in the rehabilitation process.

Burning Tree Specializes in Treating Severe Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Our long-term treatment program is a perfect solution for people who need to fulfill court-ordered rehabilitation.  At Burning Tree, we take the constraints of time off of your stay and focus on providing you with therapeutics found only in the top rehab centers in the country.  By utilizing a dual diagnosis approach to treating chemical or alcohol dependency behavior and mental disorders, we have developed a multidisciplinary approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation that promotes relapse prevention.  The beautiful Texas landscape immerses the senses in a lulling peace that allows the mind and soul to find healing rest.  At Burning Tree, we create beginnings out of endings.  Come and meet our family of physicians, addiction specialists, nurses, and therapists that want to help you make the kind of choices that lead to happiness and freedom.  Call us today.


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