Court-Order Treatment Center for Drugs and Alcohol

The Purpose of a Court-Ordered Treatment Program

Judges are increasingly sentencing individuals with DUI- Driving Under the Influence, DWI- Driving While Intoxicated, or DUID- Driving Under the Influence of Drugs offenses to court ordered treatment programs for drugs and alcohol.  The goal of this action is to force the individual to participate in a rehab program as an extension of or in substitution for serving out a jail sentence.  Judges often hand down this type of sentencing to individuals they do not honestly believe will make any effort to seek professional treatment for addiction on their own.  Since most court ordered programs rarely exceed sixty days in duration, the overall effectiveness of the program is largely dependent upon the willingness of the defendant to fully submit to the process and take advantage of the opportunity to make a new start with life.  Severe addiction cases genuinely require a long-term treatment program that will medically supervise all aspects of recovery and withdrawal for the health safety of the individual.

Court ordered addiction treatment is an important step in the right direction and warrants consideration based upon an attitude of respect rather than resentment.  In some cases, individuals are allowed to choose their own treatment program as long as it is among rehab programs that have been officially approved of by the court.  The court does not assume any costs associated with the expense of treatment.

The Relationship of Drug and Alcohol Addiction to Crime

The number of crimes committed by people on drugs or under the influence is staggering.  Over half of all arrests in the United States test positive for illegal drugs according to the National Center for Victims of Crime.  Drug or alcohol related convictions that serve out sentencing are at a greater risk of recidivism than those that participate in a drug and alcohol treatment program.  The facts largely speak for themselves.  Individuals that complete a drug and alcohol program are less likely to slide back into criminal behavior.

Benefits of Court-Ordered Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Court ordered drug and alcohol treatment is a step in the right direction.  The longer the treatment stay, the more effective and lasting the results will be.  Sometimes it takes a mandate from a judge for addicts to get the wake up call of a lifetime that might actually save their life in the final analysis.  The sooner an evaluation can be completed, the faster an assessment can determine how extensive the damage sustained from addiction is.  Long-term solutions require long-term treatment that is capable of resolving the issues standing in the way of recovery.

Burning Tree Welcomes Court-Ordered Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Burning Tree is the perfect choice for people with multiple DUI’s or drug offenses that need time on their side to successfully make the transition from severe alcohol or chemical addiction to a life without substance abuse.  At Burning Tree, a beautifully landscaped, communal living environment is a place where the habits of addiction are left behind.  Our staff of addiction specialists utilizes a dual diagnosis approach to treating chemical addiction behavior and mental disorders, while carefully monitoring and supervising your comfort and progress around the clock.  With no predetermined length of stay or departure date, our goal is to ensure relapse prevention long before you leave the community.  Family participation is strongly encouraged in rehabilitation because we know that that impact of addiction needs to be healed from within the family as well as the individual.  Call us to arrange a visit today.


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