The Differences Between Recovering Alcoholic and Recovered Alcoholic

What may seem like nuance in the land of Alcoholics Anonymous can actually be an enormous philosophical difference that shapes beliefs and the actions in the 12 Step program. One of these is the difference between a recovering alcoholic or saying you are a recovered alcoholic. Sometimes A.A. members will even get bent out of […]

8 Things You can Do in Times of Uncertainty

We face incredible uncertainty right now. We have seen a lot of messages from companies telling us what they are doing to keep you safe. While we are following similar protocol, we think it’s important to remind our community what you can do to stay mentally and spiritually fit. Our own employees cancelled spring break […]

Spirituality and the 12-Steps: What You Can Gain in Recovery

A holistic approach to recovery means addressing the mental, physical and spiritual concerns that we have – because all three make up our human existence. Recovery is more than just addressing the physical effects of addiction; we all have so many unique aspects of our lives that need focused on – such as trauma processing, […]

Young Adult Drug Rehab Centers

Treating Young Adults Young adults under the age of thirty are still experiencing a life stage of internal organ development and maturation; most notably the development of the brain, liver, and other vital organs.  Addiction to alcohol or drugs at an early age can result in irreparable damage to an under-developed central nervous system.  Due […]