8 Things You can Do in Times of Uncertainty

We face incredible uncertainty right now.

We have seen a lot of messages from companies telling us what they are doing to keep you safe. While we are following similar protocol, we think it’s important to remind our community what you can do to stay mentally and spiritually fit.

Our own employees cancelled spring break plans, schools announced indefinite closings across the country and our leaders say the effects of Covid-19 will last well into the summer.

We also know that families are concerned about their loved ones who are at our facilities. We ourselves are taking this one step at a time as we learn new information.

For alumni, employees and families, here’s a reminder of what we should do in times of high uncertainty and anxiety. We asked our expert staff and compiled a list so you can better handle the uncertainty and anxiety on a better mental and spiritual basis.

Meditate, Focus on Breath

Do your best to focus on the present moment. Fear usually exists outside of the present. Be mindful through meditation. If your anxiety is high now, take breaths and try some of the following suggestions.

Pray, Especially for Others

Pray for the people in your life who are also anxious. Others are having the same – if not worse – problems as you. Turn your thoughts to someone you can help with thoughtful prayer and attention.

Use Your Resources

Continue to use the resources you have like your counselor, psychiatrist and sponsor. We have these people in our lives for a reason. Use them more often. As news continues to unfold about the pandemic, our fear can continue to escalate.

Write Inventory

Continue to write down your inventory and share with your sponsor, your peers or your process groups. Whether you are worried about childcare, your job or how this will affect seeing your family, write it down. Share it. Talk about it.

Make a Schedule

If you’re working from home or in our After Care program, make a schedule and try to stick to it. It’s easy to become complacent when we are thrown out of our normal environments and routines. Writing down a schedule and aiming to keep it will help you focus on what needs to be done.

Online Meetings

Attend a meeting online. Stay plugged in and going to a meeting. Participate. Listen to how COVID-19 is affecting other people’s lives. Share your experience, strength and hope.

Be of Service

Practice your new altruistic way of being. Whether you have been sober 20 years, 20 months or 20 days, we need to remember we are not the only ones who suffer. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with what we face individually. But we forget that our spouse, our kids, friends and family members are going through the same anxiety.

Write Letters to Family

If you feel disconnected from your family with social distancing, write them letters. Yes. Real letters. Letters help you process deep emotions and feel connected to the people you love.

If you have anxiety, look at it, write it down, and share it with another person. Don’t keep it to yourself. Meditate, pray and think of the other people in the same situation as you. And always, if you need help, call someone.



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