Type of Support Groups for Addiction and Alcoholism



Benefit of Addiction Support Groups

Addiction support groups can be extremely helpful in providing people with the nurturing and compassionate assurance they need to know that they are not facing the battle of drug or alcohol addiction alone.  Addiction support groups provide a safe place for people to share experiences, feelings, and challenges without concerns for judgment or rejection.  Addiction support groups are typically based upon the principles of the Twelve Steps, but not all addiction support groups specifically concern drugs or alcohol

Twelve Step Programs

Most addiction support groups, with or without church affiliation, follow the principles of the Twelve Step treatment model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous.  Twelve Step groups are organized in accordance with strict guidelines that preserve the anonymity of everything shared within the structure of the group.  Group participation emphasizes personal accountability and networking with new members so people stay connected between meetings.  Meetings are held daily in a variety of locations within most cities.  To find a location and time that works for you, just type the name of the group into your internet search engine (e.g., Al-Anon, City, State) and click on what interests you.


How Twelve Step Programs Work

Twelve Step Programs teach people how to confront their addiction and get beyond it.  Within the first few weeks of the program, participating members can ask for a “sponsor” to act as a mentor and personal advocate.  A sponsor is officially recognized by the group as an individual that has successfully completed the program and is capable of providing leadership and accountability training to new members.

Working the “steps” of the program does not constitute, at least for the majority of people, religion as such.  The program does invite participants to grow spiritually on a path toward healing by recognizing that only a Higher Power can restore their life to sanity. Other aspects of the program include taking a personal inventory of one’s life and making amends to those that have been harmed by their addiction.  The goal of these steps is to begin a process of healing issues from the past, allowing people to face life with greater honesty and openness.  Sharing hope means sharing experiences.  The strength of sharing in this special community is what helps break the stronghold of addiction.

Addiction Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)-The only requirement for attending this group is the desire to stop drinking.  Participants share experiences, stages of life, and stories of hope.  AA groups are supported by voluntary contributions only.

Al-Anon serves the friends and families of alcoholics.

Alateen serves teen members of families of alcoholics.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is specifically for drug addictions such as Cocaine.  Many drug addiction support groups are specialized according to a particular drug.

Nar-Anon offers support and guidance to friends and families of drug addicts.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is based upon the Twelve Step model for those that are addicted to gambling.

Overeaters Anonymous/Food Addicts Anonymous (OA/FAA) is based upon the Twelve Step model for those with eating disorders.

Codependents Anonymous (CODA) is based upon the Twelve Step model for those in dysfunctional relationships.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) is based upon the Twelve Step model for those suffering from sexual addiction.

Burning Tree’s Multidisciplinary Approach to Addiction Treatment

The path to healing from addiction can be a complex process of untangling co-occurring disorders.  At Burning Tree, we know it takes time to unlock the secrets that are so often buried inside broken dreams and negative life experiences that are too painful to remember.  Our team of addiction specialists and therapists know how to safely navigate the waters of addiction, giving you the kind of nurturing guidance and support you need with around the clock care.  Long-term solutions require long-term treatment.  We carefully evaluate all of our patients on a case by case basis to give you the kind of individualized treatment you expect from one of the top rehab centers in the country.  By integrating holistic, experiential, and behavioral approaches to treatment, the overall structure of our program ensures relapse prevention.  If you are serious about getting your life free from the cycle of addiction, call us today.  We are here for you.


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