Is Moderating Alcohol a Good Idea?

It is common knowledge that alcohol abuse causes a lot of medical problems.

Still, many people drink well above the recommended guidelines in spite of these warnings.

Maybe this is something you can relate to, or perhaps you know somebody who is drinking too much.

Either way, many suggest that people should moderate their drinking; cutting down, but not giving up altogether.

Unfortunately, this idea can be fraught with problems, especially for those dependent on alcohol.

Why Moderate?

If the conversation around drinking has turned to moderation, the chances are that you’re drinking too much in the first place.

People like to think that staying within certain limits is the halfway point that will give them all the joys of alcohol, without a detrimental effect on their health.

However, this is rarely true, and in some cases, moderation can actually make things worse.

What Happens When You Moderate?

Alcohol is a drug. For those who are drinking too much, some level of dependence has arisen over time.

It is for this reason that drinking in moderation is so hard to maintain.

While some can stick at it for a short period, most will almost always slip back into previous bad habits.

Sometimes this can actually make things worse, as a rebound effect can occur, where you start to drink even more than you did before.

The Worst of Both Worlds

Cutting down is by no means impossible. Many people do succeed and continue to drink in a more restrained way.

However, it is necessary to weigh up the benefits of doing this before committing.

Even a small amount of alcohol is detrimental to your health and drinking less does not give the same buzz that people expect.

Moderation is often thought of as the best of both worlds, but in truth, for most people at least, it is really the worst of both worlds.

People often consider moderation as the first step towards stopping drinking completely.

However, it is much more common for people to fall back into old habits and even start drinking more than they were before.

If you are worried about your, or someone else’s alcohol consumption, the best advice is usually to quit altogether.

While this can be harder in the short term, you are much more likely to make it stick than if you try to moderate your drinking.


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