Which is the more effective way to get Sober: AA or Religion?

If you are seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, you may experience a conflict as to which approach is more effective, and not come in conflict with personal beliefs. While addiction is hard to overcome, this conflict can compound the issues by delaying seeking help.

I love Jesus and I think the church is the best thing for me

If this is a core belief, then seeking help through your church is probably the best path to follow. However, there are specific issues related to addiction and in order to get the real help you need, the church you attend must have people –either in the congregation or on the staff – who are qualified in addiction treatment. While not denying the power of prayer, sometimes prayers are answered through the provision of qualified individuals in the field. The choice is yours, though. Keep in mind, however, that the lack of immediate success can lead to a crisis of faith if you do not have enough support in your journey.

Does AA really have the best success

AA, and the programs that evolved from it – NA, Al-anon, and others – do have an excellent success rate. That success is grounded in the support network that exists and is available to help those who are seeking recovery. This made evident in the innumerable programs that base themselves on the 12 Steps, and emphasize the strength of the support community. As AA relates to religion-based approaches, the connective thread is that AA asks its participants to believe and trust in a higher power. This is not necessarily a denominational approach, but rather delves deeper into belief systems acknowledging that there is an existence beyond this world actively participating in its daily functioning.

They both love god but what’s the difference?

The significant difference is that AA is non-denominational, and is not limited to the tenets and belief systems of any one theological approach. This allows for a greater range of personal beliefs and approaches to spirituality.

Can I love Jesus and go to AA?

Yes. The two concepts are not necessarily in conflict with one another.  However, the tenets and beliefs of your church may conflict. The best course is to speak with your pastor to find out what your church recommends.

Can I go to AA and go to church?

Yes. Again, the institutions are not in conflict. In fact, church facilities are the primary locations for AA meeting throughout the country.  To find out your church’s position on these issues, it is best to discuss them with your pastor.


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