The Link Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction as an Adult

The Link Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction as an Adult

Trauma can affect anyone’s long-term mental health. When it’s experienced by the developing brain, it can have lasting repercussions, especially when it comes to addiction and substance abuse. Experts have found that childhood trauma and addiction are linked. In fact, childhood trauma is one of the top risk factors for developing an addiction later in […]

Coping with Violence in the Media

We are living in troubling times.  Violence seems to be everywhere you look, and incidents of mass violence and hate-fueled massacres are filling the 24-hour news cycle.  Seeing the aftermath of deranged perpetrators who set out to take the lives of complete strangers is deeply disturbing, and it can be difficult to cope with the […]

Childhood Risk Factors for Substance Abuse

Studies have shown that certain behaviors and environmental factors in childhood can increase the likelihood of substance abuse in adolescence and adulthood.  By understanding the different elements that can culminate in addiction, we can take steps to foster healthy environments for children and prompt early intervention when necessary.   Lack of Parental Supervision One of the […]

How Unaddressed Trauma Leads to Relapse, and What You Can Do About It

Drug and alcohol abuse often stems from a need for escape. When you experience trauma, either in your childhood or as an adult, the pain of that experience stays with you for the rest of your life. With the right treatment and care, you can manage that pain in a way that turns it from […]