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Benefits of a Life Without Alcohol

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Benefits of a Life Without Alcohol

Have you finally taken the leap and decided to stop drinking?

There is nothing but benefits when you choose to quit drinking. Just being dry has its health benefits. But being sober is where you will learn to live a new life and feel free.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of a Life Without Alcohol

Improvement in Your health 

The most obvious, and possibly significant, benefit from stopping drinking alcohol, is the massive improvement in your health.

The liver takes the biggest beating when you drink, but you will also notice your blood pressure and cholesterol going down, and a boost in your immune system.

Couple this with improved mental health, and the fact you won’t have to put up with those dreaded hangovers, and you are on to a winner!

Increased Energy

If you have been a regular drinker for a while, you will soon notice a considerable increase in your energy levels.

It’s easy to see why, as your body no longer has to deal with all the toxins running through your body, and can be much more efficient.

This leads to many people taking up regular exercise when they stop drinking, which is not only healthy but also a great way to stay off the drink.

More Money

If you ever stop to think how much money you pour away into the bottom of a glass, it may be enough alone to stop you from drinking. (But if you’re a true alcoholic, it won’t be a strong enough reason.)

Alcohol is an expensive hobby, and when you stop, you get all that money to spend how you like.

Whether it’s paying the bills or starting a new hobby, there is really no downside to the improvement in your finances.

But these are just the benefits of being dry.

Alcoholics Anonymous Promotes Many Other Benefits

A New Design for Living

When you do the steps in Alcoholics Anonymous, you are learning a new way to live.

You are being transformed and displacing old ideas and beliefs and emotions that have shaped your entire attitude.


For the first time in a long time, you can look people and the world in the eye again. You don’t have to hide anything from anyone.

You are free from all the dishonesty and pain that you caused. You also won’t try to avoid the past, instead, it becomes an asset.

Better Relationships

When you are sober, not just dry, your relationships will be more sincere and have more meaning.

You will actually be able to contribute to them and give to them instead of continuously taking like you did when you were drinking,

A Spiritual Toolkit

How do you handle anger, fear and failure while using? Probably not very well.

In Alcoholics Anonymous you learn how to use a set of tools that help you deal with whatever life brings at you.

This does not mean everything will be sunshine and rainbows. Instead, when it is not sunshine and rainbows, you will have the tools to handle it and pack into the stream of life.

Many people don’t know what to expect when they stop drinking, which can make a sober life sound incredibly daunting. But once sobriety has been achieved and you continue to work on yourself, it becomes much better than when you were drinking. 


- SINCE 1999 -

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