8 Things You can Do in Times of Uncertainty

8 Things You can Do in Times of Uncertainty

We face incredible uncertainty right now. We have seen a lot of messages from companies telling us what they are doing to keep you safe. While we are following similar protocol, we think it’s important to remind our community what you can do to stay mentally and spiritually fit. Our own employees cancelled spring break […]

Navigating the Self-Help World in Recovery 

These days, everyone seems to want to sell you the answer to all your problems. They offer ways to improve your financial situation, work on your relationships, manage stress, or start eating healthy. No matter what your struggle is, there are hundreds of self-help books, movies, and programs that promise a solution. During recovery from […]

4 Skills Needed for Relapse Prevention

Whether it is your first time in recovery or not, relapse prevention is likely a dominant consideration in the early days of sobriety. If you have relapsed in the past, you know that addiction recovery requires diligence and commitment. This dedication often includes learning new life skills and putting them into practice each and every […]

5 Tips for Managing Social Anxiety Without Alcohol

One of the most common reasons people begin drinking alcohol is to ease their nerves and give them confidence in social situations.  For people who suffer from social anxiety, events that should be fun and celebratory can induce dread and crippling fear. Unfortunately, because alcohol is so normalized and accessible in our culture, drinking is […]