The Journey to Dual Diagnosis Recovery

Journey to Dual Diagnosis Recovery

The journey towards dual diagnosis recovery showcases the remarkable resilience of individuals who navigate the complexity of mental health and substance use disorders. It is a path that offers healing and holds immense importance in transforming lives. Dual diagnosis recovery goes beyond simply addressing one aspect of a person’s well-being; it recognizes the complex interaction […]

How Alcoholics Anonymous Third Step Prayer Works

Alcoholics Anonymous Third Step Prayer

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as weunderstood Him. Step 3 When a newcomer is in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, the third step prayer can cause some confusion. Often people will say to do the third step prayer, someone has to “just turn it […]

Drug Detox Symptoms: What to Expect and How to Cope

drug detox symptoms

In addiction recovery, drug detoxification, commonly referred to as ‘detox,’ is a vital first step. It’s the body’s natural process of expelling toxins accumulated from ongoing substance use, marking the beginning of cleansing and healing. However, detox is not just a physical endeavor—it’s a mental and emotional journey as well. Being well-informed about the symptoms […]

Relapse Prevention in Early Recovery: 6 Tips for Staying on Track

Relapse Prevention Tips in Early Recovery

Recovery is a long journey with no clear ending point. Staying sober and resisting cravings certainly becomes easier with time, but avoiding relapse is always an active effort. To fully recover, you need to continually check in with yourself and keep working toward your mental, physical, and spiritual goals. Creating a clear, specific relapse prevention […]

A Journey to Sobriety – How Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Can Change Your Life

How Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Can Change Your Life

Alcoholism is an insidious condition that can slowly take over your life. At first, it might not seem like a bad thing at all. Maybe it’s one drink here or there that turns into two or three drinks every day. Maybe alcohol is a way to cope with stress, unwind, or relax with friends, but […]

The Importance of Achievable Goals in Recovery

The Importance of Achievable Goals in Recovery

Recovery is a complex journey during which you untangle unhealthy patterns, become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn valuable skills that will support you throughout your life. At first, all of this can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you avoid triggers and cravings while working on your coping skills? […]

Dangers of Isolation in Recovery

Isolation in Recovery

Working on yourself takes time and focus. When you’re concentrating on maintaining a successful recovery, you may find that you need new social environments. Hanging out with the people with whom you used isn’t going to cut it anymore. But isolation in recovery won’t help you heal faster. In fact, detaching from your support people […]

The Family Role in Addiction Recovery

The Family Role in Addiction Recovery

People who struggle with addiction often feel alone. They may not realize how connected they are with the other people in their family and social systems. Substance abuse takes a toll on loved ones, exposing them to trauma and contributing to distressing emotions. Families of addicts often worry about helping their loved one achieve recovery. […]

Why Do We Have Drug Relapse Dreams?

drug relapse dreams

Leading research suggests that drug relapse dreams are rare for the majority of people who are currently sober. More than 60 percent of people newly sober report that they do not have relapse dreams. But for those who do have relapse dreams, it can produce strong anxiety. The research also points to the fact that […]

What is Freedom From Active Addiction and How to Get It

freedom from active addiction

Freedom from addiction is the main promise in Alcoholics Anonymus.  On the title page of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, it states: “The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism” There is a big difference between recovering and being recovered, as we discuss on our blog. Recovered signifies that […]