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Family in Addiction Recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help Near San Antonio

Burning Tree Programs is passionate about helping people in San Antonio learn new ways of living free of chemical-dependency issues.

Breaking the pattern of addiction is an important step in reclaiming your life and rediscovering the person you were meant to be. Whether you’re trying to recover from cocaine or alcohol, this is a challenging process.

From where you sit right now, it may be hard to believe that it is possible to break the stronghold that addiction has created in your life. But we know that you have a purpose for being here. You life can be anchored in that purpose, not in drug addiction.

We have three drug and alcohol rehabs designed to meet you where you are now. Although we do not have inpatient drug rehab in San Antonio, TX, We have drug rehabilitation centers and alcohol recovery centers in the area.

About Burning Tree Programs — Helping Families Heal From Addiction

Burning Tree Programs started in 1999 as a long-term treatment center outside of Dallas, Texas. The company is family owned and operated and has expanded in niche markets that addresses mindfulness, college age addiction, chronic relapse and trauma. Our focus on family and our aftercare programs set us apart from other treatment centers. Our programs are designed to help families recover from addiction.

  • Burning Tree has helped families heal from drug and alcohol addiction since 1999.
  • Our staff of licensed clinicians and therapists utilizes a dual diagnosis approach to treat substance abuse and mental disorders.
  • Burning Tree Ranch is the longest running long term residential treatment center in Texas and is among a small handful of treatment centers in the United States that does true long-term treatment.
  • We have taken what we learned over the last 20 years and created programs and treatment centers to fit your family’s needs.

We have several treatment options available to you with health insurance options and tailored addiction treatment programs.

We Have Two Programs close to San Antonio

Burning Tree Ranch — Treatment for Chronic Relapsers

Burning Tree Ranch, near Dallas, Texas, helps chronic relapsers through longer term treatment.

For chronic relapsers — people who cannot get sober no matter how many times they have gone to treatment — relapse prevention requires long-term treatment. Short-term rehab centers are not equipped with staff or programs to deliver the kind of quality care and treatment you need to fully recover.

Burning Tree Ranch was established in 1999 and is the company’s flagship, long term inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Located near Dallas, the residential drug treatment program helps chronic relapsers find sobriety and is centered on providing premium substance abuse treatment.

Burning Tree Ranch only accepts clients who have had prior treatment episodes. Based on their previous experience we determine what has been missing that caused the client to relapse.

Family support and involvement in the recovery process is critical for the success of our clients. Our goal is to heal the entire family.

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Renewal Lodge — Mindfulness Meditation and the 12 Steps

Renewal Lodge

While Burning Tree Ranch has been helping the chronic relapser since 1999, the company uses what it has learned about addiction in their 30 to 90-day drug alcohol abuse program.

Renewal Lodge, located outside of Austin, Texas, focuses on high accountability, life skills, clinical support and 12-step immersion.

What sets Renewal Lodge apart from other treatment programs is its integrated treatment approach combining evidence-based mindfulness and 12 step modalities.

Both practices are implemented into Renewal Lodge programming to allow clients the opportunity to explore and develop highly effective actions supportive of quality, long-term recovery.

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If you believe you or a family member qualifies for a Burning Tree Program from alcohol abuse or chronic drug relapse, or you’d like to to learn more about our facilities, please call Burning Tree Programs now.



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