Breaking the pattern of addiction to marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol is an important step in reclaiming your life and rediscovering the person you were created to be.  For many people, this is a challenging process due to the effect of chemical abuse on innate physical as well as learned psychological processes.  Our clinicians and therapists are trained to utilize a dual diagnosis approach to treating chemical/alcohol dependent behavior and mental disorders.  At Burning Tree, you will be in the care of licensed, nurturing staff that understands how painful it is to walk free from addiction.  From where you sit right now, it may be hard to believe that it is possible to break the stronghold that addiction has created in your life.  You have a purpose for being here that is anchored in life, not drug addiction.

Burning Tree is passionate about helping people in San Antonio learn new ways of living without chemical-dependency issues.  We know that relapse prevention requires long-term treatment.  Short-term rehab centers are not equipped with staff or programs to deliver the kind of quality care and treatment you need to fully recover.  Our commitment to you is to provide you with the time needed to resolve all of the issues that are standing in the way of your recovery.  We will walk this out with you and bring you back to a new life:  a life of purpose and gratitude.  Call the number provided on this web page and ask us to send you more information concerning our programs and services.  If you prefer, send us an email query with your questions.  We will respond to your questions promptly.  Please call or visit your nearest San Antonio Residential Drug Rehab Center today.