Qualities to Look for in Drug Rehab Centers in Texas

Drug rehab centers in Texas vary, depending on your needs and who owns the drug treatment centers.

Not all drug treatment is the same. The best treatment centers have specific qualities that ensure you get the care you need to recover from drug addiction:

  • Family Owned
  • Based on Success
  • Discharge Plan


Characteristics of Quality Drug Rehab Center in Texas

Family Owned-Program

We are seeing a trend in Texas and across the United States of private equity firms and big corporations buying drug treatment centers. A private equity firm’s goals are to eventually sell the property for more money.

Studies have stated that the last decade has seen a rapid increase in private equity buyouts of healthcare providers. While private equity firms have business expertise and capital, they also have intense pressure to create profits.

Recovery is personal. While profits are needed so drug treatment centers can stay in business, it should not have that intense pressure when helping someone recover from mental health and addiction problems.

Burning Tree Programs is family-owned with three programs in Texas. We work hard to provide ethical, personal treatment to our clients.

Based on a Successful Program

Burning Tree Programs has provided drug addiction treatment in Texas since 1999. That’s when we started Burning Tree Ranch, a long-term inpatient drug rehab. It’s still in existence today and helps chronic relapsers who are out of options.

Make sure the program you go to is based on expertise and has a long-running and proven program. You’re mental health and progress in recovery are too important not to go to an organization that has proven itself.

Is a Discharge Plan Part of Their Program?

How serious is the Texas drug treatment center you’re looking at about your recovery?

You can find out by asking them about their discharge plan and process. Do they give you a sheet of paper and move on? Or are they going to help you remain accountable and give you a tailored continuum of care plan?

Addiction is a chronic disease. If it is not treated, the symptoms will come back. It’s critical to find a drug treatment center in Texas that will take your discharge plan seriously.

Burning Tree has Two Drug Treatment Centers in Texas

Renewal Lodge

Renewal Lodge

Renewal Lodge is just outside of Austin, Texas in Elgin. The treatment center offers 30, 60, and 90-day treatment. The facility is based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. It also teaches mindfulness as a way to go deeper into the steps to find a life of recovery.

Burning Tree Ranch

Located outside of Dallas, Texas, Burning Tree Ranch treats chronic alcoholics and addicts who have gone to treatment multiple times. The Ranch works with chronic relapsers and is an 8-14 months inpatient residential program.





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