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The decision to get help with alcoholism or drug addiction may be one of the most important decisions you make.

Picking a treatment facility that will teach a plan for relapse prevention and helps you on the road to recovery is equally important.

At Burning Tree Programs, we want you to reach your goal of sobriety. We also want you to have the life skills and honest character that are required to have healthy relationships with your family, employer and friends.

Our goal is to help you do more than just stay sober. Our mission is to help you achieve a life of excellence beyond sobriety.

We know from experience that doing the 12 Steps with accountability and a solid clinical foundation can be the catalyst to long-term sobriety.

Burning Tree Programs is Here for Houston

Burning Tree is here to help the people of Houston get their lives back from alcoholism and addiction.

We know how the cycle of relapse can crash through the life of an addict and their family, leaving both the addict and the family doubting if recovery is possible.

Relapse occurs as long as issues connected to alcohol remain unresolved in your life. Our treatment centers are close to Houston, but far enough away to get you to a new environment that is good for recovery.

We will identify underlying issues or other mental health disorders that could be standing in the way of your recovery.

Different Treatment Centers Offer Different Types of Treatment

We also know that not all treatment is the same for every person.

Not all treatment centers are alike and not all alcohol treatment is the same. At Burning Tree Programs we have two distinct treatment programs that can help you in different ways.

For example, we have a long-term treatment center for chronic relapsers. Burning Tree Ranch is designed for the type of addicts and alcoholics who continuously relapse and cannot stay sober. A chronic relapser is someone who might go to jail or a 30-day treatment center and when they get out, they almost immediately relapse.

If you fall in this category of drinking, it is imperative that you find a long-term solution so you can discover long-term sobriety.

Burning Tree Programs also has treatment centers that focus on mindfulness training and helping younger people find their passion.

I will forever be indebted to Burning Tree. There were many years that I woke up every morning afraid to watch the news because I was certain that the next drug-related death they announced would be my daughter. She had been to treatment twice before Burning Tree. She has now been sober since 8/4/03 and it is heartwarming to see not only that she finally cares for and respects herself, but that she is selflessly sharing this knowledge and her experience with those around her.

Forever grateful to Burning Tree Programs.
Danielle S.
Mother of BT Alumna

Burning Tree Programs Offers Specialized Treatment For You

Burning Tree Ranch was established in 1999 and is the company’s flagship, long term inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Located near Dallas, the residential drug treatment program helps chronic relapsers find sobriety and is centered on providing premium substance abuse treatment.

Burning Tree Ranch only accepts clients who have had prior treatment episodes. Based on their previous experience we determine what has been missing that caused the client to relapse.

Family support and involvement in the recovery process is critical for the success of our clients. Our goal is to heal the entire family.

Burning Tree Ranch

While Burning Tree Ranch has been helping the chronic relapser since 1999, the company uses what it has learned about addiction in their other programs.

Renewal Lodge, located outside of Austin, Texas, focuses on high accountability, life skills, clinical support and 12-step immersion.

What sets Renewal Lodge apart from other treatment programs is its integrated treatment approach combining evidence-based mindfulness and 12 step modalities.

Both practices are implemented into Renewal Lodge programming to allow clients the opportunity to explore and develop highly effective actions supportive of quality, long-term recovery.


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  1. When you are choosing a drug rehab center, you should always ask to look at the qualifications of the treatment providers at the center. If the patient’s specific addiction requires special qualifications, ensure that the treatment providers have them. Also, it is important that the professionals should have previous experience treating that specific addiction.