Gale Standen’s Story

Gale Standen has 34 years in the drug and alcohol treatment industry. Since 1988, Gale has founded three nationally recognized recovery centers. She has brought her wisdom and experience to the Burning Tree staff as the Family Relations Director.

Being of service to God and her fellows is a creed Gale believes in, and her wisdom, experience and energy are evidence of that. The core belief, and guidelines set forth by Burning Tree are fruits of the long term program she created twenty four odd years ago for the chronic relapser, Gale’s hope is for individuals, once seen as hopeless, to reach and create their own dreams. Seeing men and women return to their profession, and carve out new ones, is one of Gale’s great delights. Witnessing the younger generation grow up and become men and women awakens her soul. Experiencing the look on someone’s face when they realize that the dreams and aspirations they set for themselves cannot only be reached, but blossom into a life beyond their wildest dreams is her greatest pleasure.

Reaching into one’s soul to find the pure ‘you’ encompasses the whole family unit. Gale’s unique approach, her assertiveness, and her insistence that families join in on the fight as well, along with her battle cry of “this suffering must stop,” provide for a healthy rebuilding of the family dynamic. Not only do the clients have an opportunity to redesign their lives, but the families do as well, both as a family and as individuals within that family.

Recovery works best when the family works together. Using the guiding influence of Gale, families are asked to participate in rebuilding, revisiting old wounds, and reinvesting time, energy and support into becoming a functional family. Gale’s passionate spirit embraces all that choose to participate. Healing begins today. Hope is born. A new journey begins. Gale’s persistence will lead all who dare into a new world, one of forgiveness and reconciliation

All families will encounter a process called ‘Post Admission Intervention’ (PAI), which is simply a meeting between the family, the client’s counselor and Gale.  The purpose of the PAI is to build a solid family advocacy where Burning Tree and families work together. It is confidential and is not to be shared.

Also, a great one day Family Workshop held at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort is an event not to be missed.  More information on this workshop will be given to each family after the client is admitted.

As the Family Relations Director, Gale promises to support you in every way she can.  Throughout the entire continuum of care at Burning Tree, the Family Relations Division is dedicated to specifically assisting you from Admissions to Graduation.


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