The pattern of alcohol dependency can finally be broken when you seek reliable treatment from people you know you can trust.  At Burning Tree, proven experience has taught us that relapse prevention requires long-term treatment.  Short-term rehab centers are not equipped or designed to walk you through the kind of care you need to resolve issues that are standing in the way of your recovery.  When issues are unresolved in treatment, they inevitably return.  Give yourself or a loved one the gift of a healing journey that will form relationships and memories to last a lifetime.

Burning Tree is passionate about helping people in Austin reclaim their lives from the suffering of alcohol addiction.  Our commitment to you is to provide you with the amount of time and in depth services you need to make relapse prevention a reality in your life.

We want to give you as many opportunities as possible to address feelings that will allow you to heal the wounds of the past.  More than anything else, we want you to be able to tell your story about how your life changed through our program.  Our licensed clinicians and therapists utilize a dual diagnosis approach to treating alcohol-dependent behavior and mental disorders.   Now you can benefit from state of the art therapeutics found only in the top alcohol rehab centers in the country.  Call the number listed on this web page and ask us to send you more information concerning our programs and services.  If you prefer, send us an email query with any questions you might have.  Please call or visit your nearest Austin Alcohol Rehab Facility today.