Cocaine addiction treatment in Dallas, TX

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant drug that can be smoked, inhaled, or injected into the bloodstream. Use of cocaine over even a short period of time can lead to abuse, with cocaine addiction treatment being the most effective method of recovery. A long-term treatment process, which lasts ninety days or longer, that utilizes behavioral and cognitive therapy is the best way to eliminate cocaine use and help the patient to avoid relapse.

Patients are often enrolled in long-term programs if they have problems that cannot be treated in a short-term addiction treatment facility, such as continued attempts to acquire drugs or alcohol, a history of relapse into drug abuse, or if there are other related issues or co-occurring disorders that must be addressed in conjunction with the treatment for cocaine addiction.

Cocaine has many consequences of abuse

Including heart attacks, seizures, strokes, paranoia, as well as physical irritation such as bloodshot eyes and increased blood pressure and heart rate. Abusers also often use other drugs in combination with cocaine, which increases the risk of harm from all of the drugs being used – alcohol, for example, combines with cocaine in the liver to form a substance with a greater chance to cause sudden death than cocaine or alcohol alone.

There are no approved medications that are effective in treating cocaine addiction. At this point in time, behavioral therapy and support networks tailored to the patient’s needs is the most effective form of treatment. This means that cocaine addiction treatment must be entered as soon as possible, to avoid prolonged side effects that cause lasting harm, even after the addiction is treated.