Creating a life of excellence beyond sobriety.

Are you looking for intensive, long-term treatment for chronic addiction and mental health?

Burning Tree Ranch is the Nation’s only authentic long-term treatment program designed exclusively for the chronic relapser.
  • Advanced Stages of Addiction
  • Complex Emotional & Mental Health Disorders
  • Multiform Personality & Mood Disorders
  • Adult Men and Women Who Suffer From Chronic Relapse
  • Sophisticated, Highly-Focused Approach to Establishing Permanent Sobriety
  • Long-Term Setting that Supports Proper Diagnosis and Customized Treatment
  • Wrap-Around Family Engagement that Integrates Key Stakeholders into a Unified Recovery
  • Advanced Diagnostics that Address the Root Causes and Conditions of Relapse

Are you searching for individualized, short-term treatment for dual diagnosis conditions?

Renewal Lodge is the Nation’s only Mindfulness In Recovery (MIR)® Program, featuring dual diagnosis treatment since 2005.
  • Addiction and Mental Health Disorders
  • Adult Men and Women Who Require Affordable, Short-Term Care
  • Affordable, In-Network Provider: All Major Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Combines Evidence-Based Holistic, Clinical, and Medical Services Under One Roof
  • Includes Family Program, Aftercare, & Mindfulness In Recovery (MIR)®
David Elliott
“If I had thought about it too long, I never would have done it. I just pray every day, and ask God to guide Burning Tree.”
~ Founder, David Elliott

Read the compelling recovery story of Burning Tree Founder David Elliot

From a moment of clarity to Burning Tree

David’s journey into long-term sobriety was born of a moment of clarity.

Like many who enter the Ranch, his awakening did not come at the end of a bender, but while fully sober in a treatment center.

David remembers the early days of his recovery like this, “I would be completely surrendered one minute, and the next minute I’d be back into self-will, wanting to cheat, wanting to lie, and recalling that moment on my knees, and my pledge to God.”

“Pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization,” David calls it. “That’s what it was.”

On his knees again, now on a daily basis, David was finally able to accept the terms for a full and useful life in recovery.

What was he to do with it?

From the very beginning

From the very beginning David wanted to create a similar program to the one he attended in Arizona. He knew he wanted it to be a ranch setting, 12-step based, and long-term.

In the late 1990’s, the nation had more than its fair share of 30-day treatment providers. But what about the chronic relapser? What about the persons for whom short-term treatment had not worked? Where would they go? How would they be helped?

David’s most puzzling question persisted, “why are there no treatment centers based on the individual’s progress?”

Searching all over South Texas and the Hill Country, David engaged in a 2-year endeavor that took him to many properties, all of which fell through. By chance, he was encouraged to look at some ranches near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

One of those was Burning Tree Ranch.

Spanning 2,000 rolling acres, punctuated with ponds, small lakes, and tree lines, the drive was just 45 minutes southeast of Dallas, TX.

“This could work,” David mused.

A burning bush

After two years of searching, David’s biggest supporter, his mother, came with him to see the Burning Tree property. As they approached the gated entrance, David’s mother turned to him and asked, “David, how do you continue to do this, to go on with this search?”

“I get on my knees, Mom, and I ask God to take me wherever He would have me be of maximum service to Him and my fellows.”

“But David, how do you know if here is where God would have you be?”

“Well, I’ve never seen a burning bush, Mom, but I…”

At this very moment, David and his mother pulled up to the entrance to the property. In bold lettering, they read the signage above, BURNING TREE RANCH.

Astonished, they both looked at each other, “this must be it!”

From humble beginnings

From humble beginnings, Burning Tree Ranch has evolved into what it is today.

Designed to help the chronically addicted loved one overcome addiction, establish a healthy and productive life, and achieve permanent freedom from relapse, Burning Tree Ranch is a progress-based inpatient and aftercare program, specializing in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Hosting six family workshops per year, a 3-day family program, and an annual reunion, Burning Tree relies on the fundamental methods of addiction medicine, evidence-based therapies, and twelve-step immersion to help effect permanent sobriety and whole-family healing.

While other treatment centers invest in keeping their clients comfortable, cozy, and happy, Burning Tree Ranch invests in the therapeutic value of honesty, integrity, and excellence. We are a long-term, progress-based program designed to address the root causes of addiction and establish an unshakable foundation in life-long recovery.

While the work we do is complex and time-consuming…

…It is also lasting.

Family-owned & operated.

Two distinct treatment programs.

Over two decades of experience treating addiction and mental health.


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