We believe that families should be heavily involved in treatment when possible. In fact, we feel it is crucial to the success of not only the client, but also the family. At Burning Tree, we are relentless at helping the client see how their way has not been working. We are also committed to this same level of accountability with each family member.

The staff at Burning Tree Long Term Rehab will walk alongside each family to help them transform their own life and break the unhealthy family dynamics they have created. We are absolutely certain that we are treating a fatal illness and that everyone whose live touch the alcoholic or addict must be on board. Therefore, we will invite family members to participate with the treatment team through family interviews, phone calls, family visits and on-campus interventions. We provide a one-day introductory family seminar to Burning Tree family members to explain our philosophy and help each family member get clear on how they can contribute to the helping their loved one complete treatment at Burning Tree Long Term Rehab.

Later in the clients treatment after they have internalized recovery concepts and have an honest realization of the destruction of their disease, they will participate in a three-day family program workshop with other clients and families. Many families are reluctant to attend the workshop as they’ve been through so many past family workshops, family therapy and treatment visitations. Most of our families are tired and all used up. This is why we’ve designed a family program that is unique and different for our specific population. Our focus is on family dynamics, individual recovery, and exposing the baffling features of the family disease. Our ultimate goal is to help each family member find their own recovery from the destruction addiction has brought to their lives.

Burning Tree’s family program focuses on both the client and the family system it is unique in the sense it has been designed for families that have been through numerous family programs at other drug rehabs.