Drug Rehab for Women

Women’s Issues with Addiction and Rehabilitation

Current research finds that chemical and alcohol addiction among women exhibits a specific cause, progression, and need for treatment that is distinguished from that of men.  When considering which type of treatment plan to use, gender is an important factor to consider in light of the total recovery of the addict.  Gender specific recovery programs can play an important role in treating women with chemical, alcohol, sex addictions and eating disorders because the issues surrounding these addictions will greatly benefit from treatment specifically designed for women.

Studies of substance abuse among women have identified characteristics surrounding addiction that have higher correlations among women than men.  Characteristics such as self-image, physical abuse, and co-dependency play an important role in recovery programs for women.  Women struggle with trauma and social issues in a way that men do not.

Advice for Women Looking for Rehabilitation Services

If you are a woman struggling with a chemical or alcohol dependency issue, begin by focusing your search on finding rehab programs that specialize in long-term treatment.  Women have issues that are very different from men.  Before you start cold calling treatment centers, write down all of the questions that come to mind as you walk out this process.  Ask questions and make a note of the responses as well as the attitude you receive from the individual that answers your questions.  All of these details are important factors to consider in your selection of the treatment center that is right for you.

Questions to Get You Started

What type of therapeutic intervention is utilized?  Do only licensed clinicians, therapists, and addiction specialists provide treatment services?

Are your children allowed to come and stay with you at the treatment facility?

What types of discussion or study groups are available at the center?  Is the Twelve Step Program model incorporated into the discussion/study component of therapy?

What approach is used to treating drug and alcohol detoxification?  How long does the detoxification program last?  Does the detoxification treatment include medication?

What treatment and detoxification protocols are utilized at the facility?  a) long-term residential, therapeutic community type of treatment, or b) long-term, medication-assisted outpatient treatment.

Does the treatment program include yoga classes, art classes, life skills training, or community service programs?

Burning Tree Can Help Women Looking for Rehabilitation Services

At Burning Tree we specialize in providing gender appropriate, long-term treatment planning for individuals that suffer from chronic relapse.  Our staff of licensed clinicians and therapists utilizes a dual diagnosis approach to treating chemical/alcohol dependent behavior and mental disorders, so you benefit from therapeutics found only in the top rehab centers in the country.  Burning Tree integrates a holistic approach toward treatment by integrating Twelve Step study and discussion groups, nutritional counseling, life skills training, and yoga classes.  We will design an individualized treatment plan for you to include gender-specific groups, private counseling, art classes, and community service.  Located in the some of the most beautiful natural settings in the state of Texas, Burning Tree offers a residential, communal living environment in which everyone works together, plays together, and learns how to grow spiritually one day at a time.


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