We help men and women to permanently overcome their challenges with mental health and addiction disorders.

Addiction is a complex & chronic disease that doesn't discriminate.

Addiction has no regard for your occupation, age, income, gender, level of education, or where you live. Once it takes hold, addiction undermines your sense of self and puts your life and health at risk. But despite the consequences, it becomes increasingly difficult to break free from addiction without professional help.
At Burning Tree, our goal is to help men and women overcome addiction regardless of how their path brought them to us. Our approach is built on the belief that with the right guidance, lasting recovery is attainable for everyone. Since 1999, we’ve molded our treatment programs to provide specialized care that helps individuals get and stay sober with an enhanced focus on relapse prevention.

Our program has evolved to include two distinct facilities that continue to provide the same high-quality care while addressing the varied needs of men and women with different backgrounds, experiences, and treatment goals — Burning Tree Ranch and Renewal Lodge.

Ready to stop the cycle of addiction?

Achieve meaningful recovery and thrive long after the program ends

Reclaiming sobriety from the depths of addiction isn’t an easy process, requiring patience, courage, and a commitment to healing that takes time to master. While some treatment centers focus on ending chemical dependency with immediate, physical sobriety, the real challenge is finding solutions that will help clients achieve meaningful recovery and thrive long after the program ends. For 25 years, Burning Tree has excelled at helping those who have been through multiple courses of treatment and experience chronic relapse find lasting sobriety. Our short and long-term treatment programs emphasize relapse prevention and the development of lifelong addiction management techniques and healthy coping skills. For continued success after treatment, we also provide aftercare solutions that include ongoing individual and group therapy, community-based support groups and post-treatment care coordination with local providers.

Family-owned & operated.

Two distinct treatment programs.

Over two decades of experience treating addiction and mental health.

Long-Term Treatment // Burning Tree Ranch
Short-Term Treatment // Renewal Lodge