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Why Long-Stay Treatment Helps Chronic Relapse

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The thought of inpatient or residential treatment can bring all kinds of thoughts to our minds. Whether we’ve experienced an inpatient stay or we’re coming up on our first, the idea of picking up and living in a random place with random people can be jarring and frightening, but the reality of long-stay programs can be life-changing.

By completely immersing yourself in the world of treatment, you negate distraction and focus on healing 24 hours of the day. What may seem like a curse, at first, is actually a gift, especially for those who suffer from chronic relapse.

When we relapse, there is something inside of us we haven’t yet discovered, and when we are trying to work or maintain a life on top of kicking a substance issue, it can make it impossible to get to the root of our pain and addictive patterns. This is how long-stay options can help break the chronic relapse cycle by giving you the time and space to focus on your health once and for all.

What is Long-Stay Treatment?

Short-term programs have been the norm for some time when it comes to substance abuse.

These programs are usually 30 days and no more than 60 total. Long-stay treatments start at 90-day cycles that can expand to one year.

The goal of long-stay treatment is to help you detox and get back on your feet, but also give you new routines that won’t be forgotten after your 30 days is up.

Long-stay allows you space and time to create a new life, a new identity for yourself that most don’t have time to accomplish in 30 days, especially for those with chronic relapse.

Long-stay provides a place to rest, a place to eat, and most importantly, a safe space to heal.

Reasons Long-Stay Works

Long-stay offers time, space, and care that short-term and outpatient options simply can’t. While all programs offer the same types of help, such as coping mechanisms and boundary work, long-stay extends that growth 24 hours a day.

Here is a list of reasons why long-stay works and things you should consider when looking into a treatment program.


Inpatient programs offer nothing but time, time to detox, time to exist in a safe space, and time to learn about yourself and your addiction.

It’s one thing to have an hour or two with a therapist or group, but it’s a whole new world when you don’t have to limit the time you are spending on making your life healthy.

Proper Diagnosis

Another component of time is that it helps the clinical staff determine if you have underlying mental health issues.

We have seen clients who are diagnosed with many co-occurring issues when in fact they really have alcoholism.

We’ve also seen the opposite, where underlying mental health issues are a problem and they were identified at Burning Tree Ranch.


Everyone’s home, work, and geographical environment are different. Some of us have space to work out our issues, but some of us don’t.

Inpatient programs offer a safe space to work through difficult emotions and deep-seated traumas with the help of a compassionate and educated staff.

You don’t have to worry about your boss, your family, or even bills. Inpatient gives you the space–physically and emotionally–to work on YOU.

Like-Minded People

In treatment, we are surrounded by people like us battling some of the same issues and medical professionals who want us to succeed. That energy can be magical when used intentionally.

Whether someone is having a bad day in treatment or not, everyone is in that space to work towards health and wellness.

It doesn’t mean every day will be easy, but when you are surrounded by others who want the same things as you, you have an advantage that you won’t find in outpatient programs.

The Struggles of Others

No one should have to face addiction alone, and when it comes to inpatient treatment, you never will. It can be scary to be around people you don’t know 24/7, but these are people who are fighting some of the same battles.

They can be role models, wake-up calls, and long-lasting community supports. Being around others who “get it” can be healing and comforting through a tough time.

You don’t have to go home and explain yourself to anyone. Everyone at the center understands.

No Distractions

When it comes to long-stay treatment, there are no distractions. You can’t run off to the bar, you can’t bury your sorrows in any substance, and you can’t use external things to make you happy. That doesn’t mean inpatient treatment is a bore with all work and no play, but staying at a program allows you to get to the root of the behavioral and thought patterns related to your addiction while forgoing real-world distractions. THIS is how you finally overcome your issues with addiction–face it all head-on with a team that will do anything they can to help you succeed.

If you’re someone that has struggled to get clean and sober in the past, especially with short-term or outpatient programs, it might be time to try a long-stay option.

At the Ranch, we focus on treatment that lasts over a half a year. Our goal is to provide an immersive experience to give you the time and space you need to release, grow, and heal.

If you’ve relapsed or are seeking treatment for the first time in need of long-term care, reach out to Burning Tree Ranch, a long-term residential treatment center. Our staff is highly specialized and trained to help you beat addiction once and for all. Call today: (866) 287-2877.


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