7 Benefits of Getting Sober at a Young Age

7 Benefits of Getting Sober at a Young Age

In our society, people often turn a blind eye to drug and alcohol use at a young age. Therefore, it can be difficult for young people to determine whether they have a substance abuse disorder. Are they just experimenting, or do they need help getting sober? You might feel as though you’re simply partying a […]

Celebrating Your Sobriety Birthday

For most people recovering from addiction, keeping track of how many days, months, or years you have remained sober can help keep you motivated and serve as a reminder to practice gratitude for every sober day you have been gifted. Whether it is your first sober birthday, or you are going on a decade or […]

5 Ways to Enjoy Being Sober When Everyone Else is Drinking

For those of us that have struggled with alcohol addiction, many of the real challenges in recovery come after we have completed a treatment program.  While admitting you have a problem and asking for help is a necessary and critical step in your recovery, the situations you will face in the real world during early […]