Living in Dallas, TX and looking for a drug rehab? The face of alcohol addiction is not a pretty picture at any age.  Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to many life-threatening diseases in later life, but signs can be detected at early stages as well.  Most women value the appearance of their face, and strive to maintain beauty with hundreds of lotions and creams reported to replenish and hydrate their skin.  Alcohol abuse rapidly dries up a woman’s face from the inside out.  Alcohol abuse can also contribute to excessive weight gain that can be very difficult to drop.  Needless to say, dependency on alcohol destroys valuable nutrients in the body that are required for optimal health.  Alcohol addiction perpetuates a degenerative process that ultimately breaks down the immune system and speeds up the appearance of aging.

Burning Tree has a solution for people in Dallas who want to break the cycle of relapse.  We know that relapse prevention requires long-term treatment.  Our staff of licensed clinicians and therapists utilizes a dual diagnosis approach to treating alcohol-dependent behavior and mental disorders.  We will walk this out with you in a program that is designed to meet your needs and resolve issues that are standing in the way of your complete recovery.  Call the number listed on this web page and ask us to send you more information about our programs and services.  If you prefer, send us an email query with any questions you might have.  We are ready to help.  Call or visit your nearest Dallas Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center today.