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How Burning Tree’s Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Focus on Your Family

We keep a balanced client-to-staff ratio in order to provide the best level of care and to ensure recovery remains personal and ethical. Call us to check availability.

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Addiction Hurts All Members of the Family

Parents tell us that they have trouble sleeping at night because they are worried about their daughter or son.

They wonder if they should or can do more, or if they will ever find an inpatient alcohol treatment plan that works for their family.

The addict or alcoholic is not the only person who suffers. Chronic relapse from substance abuse can leave all family members hopeless, whether they are using or trying to manage the addict’s disease.

Burning Tree Programs has helped turn the worst relapsers into productive members of society.

Burning Tree is different from other Dallas drug treatment centers. We have been here since 1999 helping chronic alcoholics and addicts and their families recover from a state of hopelessness.

Treatment at Burning Tree is based on spiritual principles that treat the “whole person” coupled with proven medical and mental health interventions.

Our inpatient treatment focuses on a mix of cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-Step Counseling, Neurofeedback therapy, and more.

Our goal is to provide a therapeutic community for your loved ones.

I will forever be indebted to Burning Tree. There were many years that I woke up every morning afraid to watch the news because I was certain that the next drug-related death they announced would be my daughter. She had been to treatment twice before Burning Tree. She has now been sober since 8/4/03 and it is heartwarming to see not only that she finally cares for and respects herself, but that she is selflessly sharing this knowledge and her experience with those around her.

Forever grateful to Burning Tree Programs.
Danielle S.
Mother of BT Alumna

2 Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers in Texas

We have been providing personal recovery options in the state of Texas since 1999. We have two inpatient rehabs in Texas that are tailored to give you deeper healing and understanding of recovery.

Burning Tree Ranch was established in 1999 and is the company’s flagship, long-term inpatient drug, and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Located near Dallas, the residential drug treatment program helps chronic relapsers find sobriety and is centered on providing premium substance abuse treatment.

Burning Tree Ranch only accepts clients who have had prior treatment episodes. Based on their previous experience we determine what has been missing that caused the client to relapse.

Burning Tree Ranch
While Burning Tree Ranch has been helping the chronic relapser since 1999, the company uses what it has learned about addiction in their 30 to 90-day drug and alcohol abuse program. Renewal Lodge, located outside of Austin, Texas, focuses on high accountability, life skills, clinical support, and 12-step immersion. What sets Renewal Lodge apart from other treatment programs is its integrated treatment approach combining evidence-based mindfulness and 12-step modalities. Both practices are implemented into Renewal Lodge programming to allow clients the opportunity to explore and develop highly effective actions supportive of quality, long-term recovery.

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