Bath Salts Abuse and Use

Use and Availability of “Bath Salts”

A new, highly addictive designer drug labeled “Bath Salts” contains Mephedrone and MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone).  Mephedrone and MDPV are stimulants that act much like Methamphetamine and Cocaine, but produce the added effect of hallucinations.  “Bath Salts” are known by many names such as Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning, Hurricane Charlie, Vanilla Sky, Charge, and White Knight.  “Bath Salts” are snorted, injected, or smoked primarily by teens and young adults due to their widespread availability on the Internet, local convenience stores, and smoke shops.  The product is carefully labeled as not for human consumption, but that is precisely why drug manufacturers have placed this extremely toxic substance on the market.

Major Side Effects of Using “Bath Salts” for Drug Use

“Bath Salts” are known to produce side effects similar to Meth and Cocaine such as elevated heart rate, hypertension, irritability, extreme paranoia, delusions of super-human strength and invincibility, hallucinations, suicide, aggressive and violent behavior, and possibly even murder.

Addictive Properties of Bath Salts

“Bath Salts” are so addicting that users crave the drug even after experiencing a trip to the Emergency Room with psychotic episodes brought on by hallucinations and delusions of super-human strength.  Unlike Meth and Cocaine, however, standard Emergency Room procedures for treating Meth and Cocaine overdose do not work well with “Bath Salts.”  Administering Valium to patients suffering from the toxic effects of “Bath Salts” does not result in positive responses to treatment.

Dangers of Using “Bath Salts” for Drug Use

Standard hospital treatment for drug overdose does not work effectively on “Bath Salts.”  Even when patients come off of sedation, behavior has been shown to revert back to the uncontrollable state of psychosis.  As a warning to young people experimenting with this drug, the effects of “Bath Salts” may be permanent.  Cases of violent suicide are numerous and growing fatalities are reported to Poison Control authorities.  For all intents and purposes, this drug is extremely toxic and may result in permanent brain damage.  The chemical ingredients found in “Bath Salts” are also found in various forms of insecticide, as well as chemical treatment programs designed to kill aqueous algae and fungus.  Further research is required in order to determine the long-term effects of using this drug and how to effectively sedate patients suffering from toxic psychotic states.

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