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Video: Introduction to Burning Tree Ranch

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Introduction to Burning Tree by Jesse Earwood, Executive Director of Burning Tree Ranch

Video Summary:

In this video, Jesse Earwood, Executive Director and alumni of Burning Tree Ranch, discusses our unique approach to treating chronic relapse clients. Established in 1999, Burning Tree Ranch specializes in helping chronic relapsers: individuals who have repeatedly been to treatment without achieving lasting sobriety.

As Jesse explains, long-term treatment at Burning Tree Ranch places an emphasis on accountability, addressing the disconnect between clients’ words and actions. Often highly intelligent, our clients struggle to implement recovery principles in their lives.

Treatment staff at the Ranch closely monitor clients’ behaviors while encouraging them to take concrete actions towards recovery, rather than simply articulating recovery concepts.

Read: Video Transcript

You know, I found out that I really have a passion for helping people that are like me. Folks that really ended up hopeless and not knowing what was wrong with them.

My name is Jesse Earwood. I’m the Executive Director of Burning Tree Ranch. I’m also an alumni of the program. I’ve been with Burning Tree since 2013. It’s a place that’s near and dear to my heart.

Burning Tree Ranch has been around since 1999. It’s a very specific facility for a very specific type of client.

We treat chronic relapse clients, and what that means in layman’s terms is clients that have been to treatment over and over and over – some ten, fifteen, twenty-five times. And for whatever reason have been unable to put what they learned in those facilities into their life.

Burning Tree Ranch specializes in accountability. It’s not lost on us why individuals have been unable to maintain sobriety, or even achieve sobriety.

Our clients have all the right answers. They’re well educated. They’re charming. For lack of a better word, they are people who have so much potential but are unable to fulfill that potential.

And so what do is we watch what they’re doing, and address what they’re doing, as if that’s the fact. They’ve been able to talk their way out of a lot of help, and we don’t really allow that at Burning Tree.

We listen to what they’re saying, but we also try to line up what they’re saying with what they’re doing.

The fact is, most alcoholics and drug addicts that have been to treatment that many times have only learned what to say and have never actually done the things that need to happen.

So we hold them accountable to take an action.


- SINCE 1999 -

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