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Video: Explore the Burning Tree Ranch Property

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Experience a Brief Tour of the Burning Tree Ranch Property

Video Summary:

This video showcases the general nature and environment of the Burning Tree Ranch property, along with our classic residential addiction treatment facility. It presents a snapshot of life on the Ranch with horses grazing in quiet pastures and calming views of the iconic lake on the property.

The virtual tour helps clients and families get an idea of the size of the Ranch and the nature and quality of our facilities through a mix of sweeping aerial drone footage and intimate close-up shots.

Established in 1999, Burning Tree’s mission is to help our clients create a life of excellence beyond sobriety.

Read: Video Transcript

[Scene 1: Video opens with a flying drone camera soaring over a lake on the Burning Tree Ranch property.]

[Scene 2:: Two horses are seen grazing in a pasture in front of a glowing orange sunset.]

[Scene 3: A camera flies straight across a lake towards an active fountain at the lake’s center.]

[Scene 4: A bird’s eye view shows the main building compound on the Ranch property interspersed with large oak trees.]

[Scene 5: The front swing gate of the Ranch property gently opens as the camera glides through down the main driveway.]
[Scene 6: A high-altitude birds-eye view shows the entirety of the Ranch’s rustic property.]

[Scene 7: The camera moves slowly under the iconic concrete arches within the Ranch building compound.]

[Scene 8: A slowly elevating shot gives a glimpse of the main facility with it’s roof of red tiles.]

[Scene 9: Camera slowly backs up and away from the center of the Ranch building compound to showcase the size and scope of the property with its nearby pastures and lake.]

[Scene 10: The sky is light pink at sunset and the camera moves over the Burning Tree Ranch towards the horizon.]


- SINCE 1999 -

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