Addiction Is A Complex & Chronic Disease That Doesn’t Discriminate

It has no regard for your occupation, age, income, gender or level of education. It doesn’t care if you live in the country, city or somewhere in-between. And once it takes hold, addiction undermines your sense of self and destroys all illusion of control or moderation. Things that were once important fall the wayside and you become occupied with chasing a high that puts your life, health and well-being at risk. Despite the consequences, it becomes increasingly difficult to break free from addiction without professional help.

At Burning Tree, our goal is to help men and women overcome addiction regardless of how their path brought them to us. Our approach is built on the belief that with the right guidance, lasting recovery is attainable for everyone. For 20 years, we’ve molded our treatment programs to provide specialized care that helps individuals get and stay sober with an enhanced focus on relapse prevention. Our programs have evolved to include three distinct facilities that continue to provide the same high-quality care while addressing the varied needs of men and women with different backgrounds, experiences and treatment goals — Burning Tree West, the Ranch and Renewal Lodge.

Burning Tree Ranch For Men & Women Needing Long-Term Care

Drugs and alcohol have a way of taking over your life and overshadowing the relationships, goals and values you once had. The day-to-day challenges you face in active addiction make it difficult to focus on much else and after a while, it’s hard to imagine or remember living any other way. You may have been to treatment before with some success, but find it difficult to maintain your sobriety and eventually relapse. When the wash-rinse-repeat cycle of substance abuse happens, recovery and relapse have become the norm. A long-term treatment program can help you overcome addiction for good.

Near Dallas in Kaufman, Texas, Burning Tree Ranch provides high-quality care that goes above and beyond traditional treatment models to help those who need long-term care or struggle with relapse achieve lasting recovery. Offering an 8 to 14-month residential program that emphasizes lifestyle changes and sober living skills, the Ranch has helped numerous clients find success in recovery and maintain their sobriety long after treatment. The length of our signature program ensures that each client has enough time to heal and confront the deep-seated issues that often surround addiction while aftercare options provide support and guidance after treatment. Many individuals turn to drugs or alcohol for a particular reason — such as managing the symptoms of a mental health disorder by self-medicating or burying a traumatic experience — and at the Ranch, we help each client figure out what that is so they can begin to move past it.

Burning Tree Renewal Lodge For Men & Women Seeking Short-Term Care

Occasionally, committing to a long-term recovery program isn’t possible. Financial concerns, career disruption, familial obligations and the inability to find an appropriate treatment center are common barriers that can prevent many from seeking the help they need. Or maybe they’ve been to treatment before and want to reorient themselves to a life of recovery. At Burning Tree, we strive to provide programs that allow individuals to enter treatment regardless of their situation. Near Austin in Elgin, Texas, Renewal Lodge offers effective short-term programs that provide solutions for sustainable recovery in just 30 to 60 days. Renewal Lodge incorporates key components from our signature long-term program, adapted for an immersive and highly-personalized experience where clients get the most out of each therapeutic encounter. Our deeply focused approach has been carefully crafted, utilizing a 12-step and mindfulness-based program to ensure meaningful progress and a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

Burning Tree West For Young Adults Needing Flexibility in Recovery

Burning Tree West in Tucson, Arizona, is our program for collegiate and young adults under 30 who need to balance sobriety with the pursuit of a degree or profession. We understand how important getting an education or building a career is to an individual’s continued health and wellness, so our flexible treatment programs at Burning Tree West are structured to allow clients to work and attend classes while participating in recovery. Doing so will enable them to rewrite their story by pursuing a new direction in life, one in which they can realize their full potential and rediscover who they are without drugs or alcohol. With an emphasis on accountability and independence, Burning Tree West provides a well-rounded treatment experience that gives clients the skills, knowledge and strength they need to achieve lasting sobriety.

Men & Women Who Experience Chronic Relapse

Reclaiming sobriety from the depths of addiction isn’t an easy process, requiring patience, courage and a commitment to healing that takes time to master. While some treatment centers focus on ending chemical dependency with immediate, physical sobriety, the real challenge is finding solutions that will help clients achieve meaningful recovery and thrive long after the program ends. For 20 years, Burning Tree has excelled at helping those who have been through multiple courses of treatment and experience chronic relapse find lasting sobriety. Our short and long-term treatment programs emphasize relapse prevention and the development of lifelong addiction management techniques and healthy coping skills. For continued success after treatment, we also provide aftercare solutions that include ongoing individual and group therapy, community-based support groups and post-treatment care coordination with local providers.

Adults With A Dual Diagnosis

One reason that clients relapse is due to the presence of mental health disorders that have gone untreated. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other mental health concerns often underlie addiction and complicate the process, making sustainable recovery and relapse prevention extremely difficult. For those with a dual diagnosis to be successful in recovery, a thoughtful, strategic approach is required that encompasses their mental and emotional needs as well. Otherwise, their symptoms will remain after treatment and may trigger a relapse. Burning Tree provides specialized care for co-occurring mental health disorders with comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment, evidence-based psychotherapies and goal-oriented solutions that help to change dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors. By prioritizing mental health and addressing the concerns that often appear alongside addiction, we can help clients build a strong foundation for lasting recovery and end the relapse cycle.

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