Burning Tree Long Term Rehab

Provides relapse prevention programs specializing in long-term residential alcohol treatment and long term residential drug rehab for adults with a relapse history. We serve adults who have been to other treatment centers and 12-step programs and have relapsed. Alcohol & drug-relapse prevention and a relapse-prevention plan are our primary roles. We are a drug-rehab program treatment center licensed by the State of Texas.

I came to Burning Tree a broken individual. Drugs and alcohol had become my master and serving it was leading me to certain destruction. The Ranch taught me how to live a sober life and how to love again. Ultimately, the Ranch gave me the freedom to live a healthy life.

Dirk L.

A core concept that has been evolving with scientific advances over the past decade is that drug addiction is a brain disease that develops over time as a result of the initially voluntary behavior of using drugs. The consequence is virtually uncontrollable compulsive drug craving, seeking, and use that interferes with, if not destroys, an individual’s functioning in the family and in society. This medical condition demands formal treatment.

–From “Addiction is a Brain Disease” by Alan I. Leshner, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health.

Our Staff Understands Addiction

Burning Tree manager David Elliott knows addiction first hand. After bouncing in and out of multiple treatment centers, David landed in a long-term residential treatment center that helped him change his life and find long-term sobriety. Burning Tree Long Term Rehab recognizes the need for specialized treatment for the group of alcoholics and addicts known as “chronic relapsers.”