The Advantages of Women-Only Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

For various reasons, many women feel uncomfortable about the prospect of residential alcohol and drug rehab that includes both male and female clients.

Fortunately, women-only rehab centers are available where these individuals can feel safe and find it easier to open up about emotional issues that have been troubling them.

A study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment in 2011 looked at a broad range of research focusing on female clients in women-only and mixed-gender rehab centers.

One important finding is that women in gender-specific rehab are more likely to complete the program instead of dropping out early.

Clients who complete their treatment programs are more likely to stay on the recovery path after they leave residential rehab.

Reasons Women Prefer Gender-Specific Programs

Women may feel uncomfortable in a mixed-gender center if they have been in an abusive relationship with a man or if they have experienced sexual harassment or assault.

Many feel more comfortable in a gender-specific environment when talking about topics pertinent to women, such as post-partum depression or menopause.

Some women decide to enter inpatient rehab because they have found out they are pregnant and know they must quit using if they want to have a healthy baby.

Although certain aspects of life can affect people of both genders, there are particular concerns that are significantly more common for women than for men.

Leaving an abusive relationship and figuring out a way to earn a living and support kids is just one example.

Women also may only want to talk about specific problems with other women. Examples include issues with body image, eating disorders and sexual concerns.

They may prefer to discuss parenting with other mothers.

After Rehab

After a treatment program has been completed, women may choose to reside in a sobriety house for several weeks or even longer.

Organizations offering this service provide living arrangements for individuals who have completed a rehab program but do not feel ready to return home.

They know they will benefit greatly from a supportive environment as they return to work and other activities.

Both mixed and gender-specific homes are available.

Again, many women strongly prefer to only live with other female companions at this point.

Their reasons are similar to the reasons they had for choosing a women-only rehab center.

About The Fullbrook Center

Women who feel ready to begin residential rehab, but are uncomfortable about programs that include men will want to look for centers that only accept female clients.

In this environment, they feel safer and more able, to be honest about their emotions and their circumstances. A higher percentage of women completing these programs is connected with more positive outcomes in the future.

The Fullbrook Center — in Fredericksburg, Texas — treats trauma and substance abuse at the same time. Contact our admissions specialists to learn more.

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