4 Skills Needed for Relapse Prevention

Whether it is your first time in recovery or not, relapse prevention is likely a dominant consideration in the early days of sobriety. If you have relapsed in the past, you know that addiction recovery requires diligence and commitment. This dedication often includes learning new life skills and putting them into practice each and every […]

What Are 4 Holiday Stressors to Watch for in Recovery?

What Are 4 Holiday Stressors

When people think about the holidays, they often consider the joyful, fun elements and forget there are people who struggle with holidays and don’t always find it a happy time. There are ways and means to get back to the joy of the holiday season with some helpful hints and tips. Stressors come and go […]

Chronic Relapse: What is it and How Families Should Treat It


What is Chronic Relapse? Relapse occurs when an alcoholic or addict has partially recovered — usually from a 30 to 90-day treatment program — but then falls back into his or her addiction. Almost all chronic relapsers need long-term treatment that will help them transition back into society. (Read “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” […]