The Importance of Achievable Goals in Recovery

The Importance of Achievable Goals in Recovery

Recovery is a complex journey during which you untangle unhealthy patterns, become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn valuable skills that will support you throughout your life. At first, all of this can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you avoid triggers and cravings while working on your coping skills? […]

No Plan B

As a millennial man, it’s widely understood that when a new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience drops on YouTube, watching it asap is a must. So, when prompted to watch Joe’s latest interview with congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), I placed the newest episode of JRE even higher on my priority list. Politics aside, Dan […]

What Taking it One Day at a Time Really Means

If you or someone you know has participated in a 12-step program for addiction recovery, you have likely heard the common adage about taking sobriety one day at a time.  While this phrase is thrown around frequently in the recovery community, it can be useful to take a step back and determine what these words […]