How Alcoholics Anonymous Third Step Prayer Works

Alcoholics Anonymous Third Step Prayer

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as weunderstood Him. Step 3 When a newcomer is in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, the third step prayer can cause some confusion. Often people will say to do the third step prayer, someone has to “just turn it […]

Signs Your Spouse Should Stop Drinking

Does your spouse have a drinking problem?

Drinking in moderation can be a way to loosen up, relieve stress, and engage in social settings. However, for thousands of people, drinking in moderation is not an option. For these people, one or two drinks will never do. Drinking too much can have serious implications for your health, finances, and home life. For someone […]

Health Risks of Heavy Drinking in Young Adults

Health Risks of Heavy Drinking

It is often said that young people live their lives as if they are invincible.  This is especially apparent when we consider the popularity of drug and alcohol use among teens and young adults.  Most people are vaguely aware of the health consequences associated with heavy drinking, such as chronic liver disease and addiction, but […]