Why You Need to Do More than 90 Meetings in 90 days

If you have gone to Alcoholics Anonymous then you have probably heard that you should go to 90 meetings in 90 days. Going to 90 meetings in 90 days has saved many people. But we think it’s important to share some common misunderstandings that can happen to a newcomer who thinks that is all he […]

4 Reasons Why Quitting Heroin Cold Turkey is a Bad Idea

For those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs, the idea of quitting cold turkey can feel attractive.  Many addicts think they are strong enough, smart enough, and determined enough to give up their habit on their own, without the hassle of inpatient rehab. Those feelings are certainly understandable, but there are many reasons why […]

The Disease Model of Addiction, Explained

The Disease Model of Addiction

Drug rates are rising throughout the nation. In a 2020 survey, more than thirty-five percent of adolescents said they used marijuana in the last year. There are many reasons why addiction is rising. One is the lack of consideration for people with addiction. Many people regard drug use as a matter of character, requiring only willpower […]

The Differences Between Recovering Alcoholic and Recovered Alcoholic

The Differences Between Recovering Alcoholic and Recovered Alcoholic

What may seem like nuance in the land of Alcoholics Anonymous can actually be an enormous philosophical difference that shapes beliefs and the actions in the 12 Step program. One of these is the difference between a recovering alcoholic or saying you are a recovered alcoholic. Sometimes A.A. members will even get bent out of […]

What is Fentanyl Addiction and Why is it Addictive?


Over the past few years, the opioid epidemic has made headlines around the world, due to a drastic increase in overdose deaths. Some of these deaths can be attributed to the over-prescription of pain medication, while others are the result of a surge in heroin use. As attempts are made to change the way opioids […]

How Drugs Affect Your Body

How drugs affect the body

When abused, drugs hijack the brain and lead to addiction. Drugs also create serious health problems. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more deaths, medical complications, and disabilities are the result of drug use than any other preventable health condition. How Alcohol Affects the Body Alcohol affects all areas of the body including […]

3 Reasons Some Become Alcohol Dependent While Others Don’t

Alcoholism is an extremely common problem, yet professionals know that not everyone who is exposed to alcohol becomes dependent on it.  The question of why this happens has puzzled researchers for decades.  They are still gaining more information every day and already have put some pieces together in their attempt to see the bigger alcoholism […]

10 Common Signs of Alcoholism and Addiction 

10 Common Signs of Alcoholism and Addiction 

With all the focus on illegal and prescription drugs, it’s easy to forget how damaging alcohol can be. While most experts would agree that casual drinking is not usually detrimental, some people find it difficult to control their consumption. Here are 10 common signs of alcoholism. 1) Excessive Drinking  Heavy drinking or binge drinking don’t […]

Qualities to Look for in Drug Rehab Centers in Texas

Drug Addiction Treatment in Texas

Drug rehab centers in Texas vary, depending on your needs and who owns the drug treatment centers. Not all drug treatment is the same. The best treatment centers have specific qualities that ensure you get the care you need to recover from drug addiction: Family Owned Based on Success Discharge Plan   Characteristics of Quality […]

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