What Is An In-House Treatment Center?

In-House Treatment Centers provide drug and alcohol rehab for individuals and their families that are suffering from moderate to severe addiction to alcohol, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders. As differentiated from Hospital Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs, In-House Treatment Centers are often located in resort-style, private facilities designed to treat the whole person with a more personalized and compassionate approach to recovery.

What To Look For While Choosing An In-House Drug Rehab>

The decision to choose an In-House Drug Rehab begins with making a commitment to stop using drugs and alcohol. Making a commitment to quit is a promise to not give up or try to go it alone when the going gets tough.

Preliminary Questions

Choosing an In-House Drug Rehab requires making a concerted effort to ask preliminary questions and receive straightforward answers from an Admissions (Intake) Specialist. Does the Treatment Center provide a Detox Program? Is detox a prerequisite to receiving acceptance into the Treatment Center? What is the standard application process and how long does it take to receive acceptance results? Does the Center have an established treatment protocol that prospective clients can access and read?

History Of the Treatment Center Or Facility

Research the history of the Treatment Center or facility. What is their success rate? Can you find any medical recommendations for them online from members of the established rehab or medical community? How long has the Center been in operation? Is their leadership on solid ground? Are there any signs of financial corruption associated with the Center that is readily visible on the Internet? It is your responsibility to dig for this information. If you cannot find any information about a given Treatment Center online or at your local library, move on to the next Center on your list!


How pro-active is the Treatment Center’s approach toward preventing relapse? Does the Treatment Center place greater priority on profit or on getting people free from addiction? What precedence does the Treatment Center set on educating residents about drug and alcohol abuse? What is the philosophy or view of the Treatment Center on healing drug and alcohol addiction? Is healing drug and alcohol addiction perceived as a process that is forged through developing a stronger spiritual relationship with God? Is God acknowledged as part of the healing process at the Treatment Center? Are residents in the Treatment Center embraced as a community and nurtured by those that have completed the process?


What kind of counseling and community service programs is available through the Treatment Center? Do they offer private, group, in-house, and outpatient (after-care) counseling services? How much is the family involved in the therapeutic process? What is the ratio of staff to patient load? Are all staff located onsite? How many beds does the Treatment Center contain? Is the Treatment Center a fully licensed facility through the state? Do all medical and counseling personnel hold credentials from nationally recognized schools? How does one pay for treatment received from an In-House Center?

Length of Stay

What is the treatment approach to the length of stay based upon? What is the average length of stay? How much interaction does a client have with an addiction specialist during the first week? What about the second and third week? Does the addiction specialist stay with the client when they are in recovery?

Burning Tree Offers In-House Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At Burning Tree, we know that finding the right treatment center plays a critical role in stopping the cycle of addiction. Our long-term approach to treatment makes relapse prevention a signature trademark of everything we do. After carefully assessing and evaluating all prospective clients, we approach professional treatment on a case by case basis to ensure the highest quality care possible. Our onsite staff of addiction specialists and therapists provides round the clock supervision and care in the treatment of alcohol/drug dependent behavior and mental disorders.

Burning Tree closely adheres to the fundamental precepts of recovery as articulated by the Twelve Step Program, and we provide daily discussion groups and study classes in which all residents are encouraged to participate. Traditional counseling is provided for individuals, small group, and families on an in-house and outpatient basis, but we also offer a more experiential or holistic approach. We want to provide our residents with every available opportunity to address the issues of the past in a comfortable and fearless environment so they can effectively move toward permanent freedom from addiction. Yoga, exercise, and life skills classes embrace the needs and vision of the whole person. Community service programs provide invaluable training and experience to foster social reintegration, stabilization, and job skills. Come and discover the hope and restoration you have dreamed about. Contact Burning Tree today to learn more.