Awakenings Hill Country is Now The Fullbrook Center

Awakenings Hill Country is Now The Fullbrook Center

Burning Tree Programs has helped rebrand and reopen Awakenings Hill Country under a new name, The Fullbrook Center. To learn more about the brand, please visit Fullbrook’s website.

Visit The Fullbrook Center

Why Did the Name Change?

The new name marks a philosophical transition of care at the facility. The new direction focuses on treating substance use disorders and trauma at the same time. The Fullbrook Center has handpicked and hired expert trauma specialists for their clinical team while using the 12 Steps to treat substance use disorder for women.

This would not be possible without Awakenings Hill Country setting a strong foundation for an all-female recovery center. We are grateful for their hard work because we are able to build on to their great program.

Why is Treating Trauma and Substance Use Disorder Important?

Jessica Slay, a co-owner of Fullbrook Center, said females in her private counseling practice had suffered immense trauma while also developing a substance use dependency. When she would look for places for her clients to get help, she struggled to find facilities that treated both at affordable rates. Jessica and her husband created The Fullbrook Center to fill this need.

How Do I Learn More about the Fullbrook Center?

Visit our website, The Fullbrook Center.

Why is Burning Tree Working with a New Treatment Center?

Burning Tree Programs is a family-owned facility and offers ethical treatment. We strongly believe that treatment needs to remain personal. Families like Josh and Jessica Slay provide this professional, expert service to people who really need help. We want to ensure that people who want to recover can continue to get family-owned treatment from professionals who will keep recovery personal.

Burning Tree started with the Ranch. Is Burning Tree still dedicated to long-term recovery?

Absolutely. Burning Tree Ranch is our flagship treatment center, and it always will be. It helps chronic relapsers with 8-14 months of inpatient treatment followed by a year-long After Care Program. We think for true long-term sobriety to work, you need true long-term treatment.

We are applying what we have learned over the last 20 years from the Ranch to new specialized programs. We want to help as many families as we can by meeting them where they are on their journey to recovery.

We have 4 Treatment Centers Focused on the 12 Steps that offers additional specialized care:

  • Burning Tree Ranch is our long-term treatment center for the chronic relapser
  • Renewal Lodge deepens The 12 Steps with mindfulness training.
  • The Fullbrook Center heals trauma and substance abuse for women
    Burning Tree West teaches Positive Psychology and resilience for young adults

The Fullbrook Center is the newest member under the Burning Tree Programs umbrella.