‘My Recovery is Miraculous’

Burning Tree Ranch Alumnus

Marlena Holt

“I probably have the life my family always thought I would have. I don’t think anyone expected it to take as long as it did to get sober.”

The Family Now

Marlena knew that to stay sober she needed to put her sobriety first. She needed to continue using the tools she learned at Burning Tree Ranch.

As she stayed sober longer, her life took on more meaning. She wasn’t just a sober member of society. She became a mother, employee, and wife.

She knew to stay sober, she must keep working her program. She needed to keep her sobriety first.

Joel H.
Father to Marlena

“I have been very familiar with Burning Tree Ranch since 2010, as I am a proud family member of one of its many successes. Like many folks before me, I was initially very skeptical of how helpful Burning Tree’s program would be, but once our family fully embraced its program and let its staff take control of addressing our situation, the resulting success speaks for itself.”

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