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Heidi Smith, Clinical Director

Heidi Smith, (LPC, MA), is the Clinical Director at Burning Tree Ranch in Kaufman, Texas. Along with her full-time responsibilities at Burning Tree, Heidi is a published author, addiction blogger, and keynote speaker. She has presented at numerous conferences, luncheons, and networking events and is quickly becoming the most trusted voice on chronic relapse. Heidi’s experience within the addiction field is extensive, but she found her niche with dealing with chronic relapse when she joined the Burning Tree team over seven years ago.

Burning Tree is the trusted solution for the hopeless and helpless since 1999. Burning Tree is a long term drug and alcohol treatment center, with an average stay of 8-12 months of inpatient treatment. This length of stay clarifies and solidifies Burning Tree as a genuine, true long term treatment center. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, long term treatment is 6+ months of inpatient treatment. Although many centers would like to mislead you by telling prospective clients and family that they are long term and they specialize in chronic relapse, Burning Tree is truly long term and only deals with chronic relapse.

Heidi Smith is part of team concept at Burning Tree, meaning that all decisions are handled as a clinical team and not by individual counselors or directors. “We always make sure to invite God into our decisions as well,” says Smith. Length of stay is never predetermined at Burning Tree. Clients never know how long they will stay at Burning Tree, and will only be discharged when the clinical team as a whole believes that individual is ready to move onto the Transitions phase of Burning Tree. Burning Tree is private pay, meaning insurance companies play no role in determining length of stay either, because Burning Tree simply does not take any insurance.

When an individual has lost all hope, allow Burning Tree to share some of theirs. Heidi Smith has been around chronic relapse for over seven years, and has seen and heard it all. Many have claimed Burning Tree “the last house on the block” for those admitting into Burning Tree, and that’s just fine to anyone associated with Burning Tree. There is no other place with more experience, knowledge, or length of stay that deals specifically with chronic relapse than Burning Tree.


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