The Treatment Alliance and Building Trust

The Treatment Alliance and Building Trust

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a bond of trust is “one of the most robust predictors of treatment outcomes in those with co-occurring disorders.” This means that success for individuals seeking help overcoming addiction and other mental health illnesses largely depends on the ability of the client and members of their treatment […]

The Benefits of Making Sober Friends in Recovery

If you are new to the world of addiction recovery, or if you are returning to treatment after a relapse, it is a good time to consider what changes you can make in your life right away that will set you up for success.  One of the most essential aspects of a sober lifestyle is […]

Navigating the Self-Help World in Recovery 

These days, everyone seems to want to sell you the answer to all your problems. They offer ways to improve your financial situation, work on your relationships, manage stress, or start eating healthy. No matter what your struggle is, there are hundreds of self-help books, movies, and programs that promise a solution. During recovery from […]

4 Skills Needed for Relapse Prevention

Whether it is your first time in recovery or not, relapse prevention is likely a dominant consideration in the early days of sobriety. If you have relapsed in the past, you know that addiction recovery requires diligence and commitment. This dedication often includes learning new life skills and putting them into practice each and every […]

Organization Skills for Sobriety and Wellbeing

Organization is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to most people. It must be learned and practiced before it can shape and improve your life. When your life becomes overrun by substance abuse, a sense of chaos becomes a prominent theme. Whether it be a lack of time management skills, a messy home, or the […]

Cultivating Honesty Between Yourself and Others

Addiction usually requires that we learn to lie regularly. This dishonesty can come in many forms. We lie to ourselves by denying that we have a problem, and we lie to others by hiding our substance abuse. Eventually, even the most naturally honest people may become skilled and habitual liars through the process of addiction. […]

Finding Peace Through Compassion in Recovery

The Dalai Lama once said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” While we often think of compassion as being an inherent trait, it can be cultivated and strengthened over time. Spiritual philosophy has long advocated for the many benefits of compassion, both for the […]

Resilience is More Than Just Beating the Odds to Create Change

Life change is hard. Transitions are difficult and life is all about transitions. People transition from work to home to personal relationships to all kinds of places every single day. When people are dealing with addiction recovery, they are giving themselves an opportunity to learn how to deal with change. Resilience is the opportunity to […]

What Are 4 Holiday Stressors to Watch for in Recovery?

What Are 4 Holiday Stressors

When people think about the holidays, they often consider the joyful, fun elements and forget there are people who struggle with holidays and don’t always find it a happy time. There are ways and means to get back to the joy of the holiday season with some helpful hints and tips. Stressors come and go […]

5 Ways to Help Your Relationships Thrive

A great deal of research has been conducted to confirm what most of us already know: strong relationships are an important part of a healthy, happy life.  Humans thrive on connection and the feeling of belonging, and isolation and loneliness have been tied to higher rates of various mental and physical ailments.  However, maintaining healthy […]

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