Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction


Effective Treatment Can Sometimes Seem Elusive Finding effective treatment for drug addiction is often elusive for addicts and their family members. Some individuals attempt to find the right treatment for years, moving from one program to another while frequently relapsing. What began as a choice to first take an illicit drug or use a prescription […]

Dextromethorphan Addiction Facts

Dextromethorphan Addiction Facts

What Is Dextromethorphan? Dextromethorphan is the active ingredient found in a number of cold and cough suppressants commonly sold without prescription. Some of the more popular over the counter cough medicines with this particular ingredient include Robitussin DM, Robitussin Cough and Congestion, Vicks 44E, and Mucinex DM. If used according to the label instructions, the […]

Comorbid Drug Abuse & Mental Illness


Morbidity & Comorbidity The term morbidity refers to the incidence of disease, & comorbidity is the occurrence of two disorders or illnesses in one individual. These disorders coexist when a person experiences the effects of both simultaneously, regardless of which disorder appeared first. The term is commonly used when describing a link between mental illness […]

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