Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse in College Students

While college students are spending the summer at home, parents may find more opportunities to observe at-risk behaviors. Drug use casually introduced on campus can follow students home, prompting them to attempt to conceal those habits from family members. A parent’s prescription drugs may seem especially attractive to the student using them for non-medical reasons […]

Bath Salts Abuse and Use

Use and Availability of “Bath Salts” A new, highly addictive designer drug labeled “Bath Salts” contains Mephedrone and MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone).  Mephedrone and MDPV are stimulants that act much like Methamphetamine and Cocaine, but produce the added effect of hallucinations.  “Bath Salts” are known by many names such as Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning, Hurricane Charlie, […]